Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Winter Morning Chores ..10" x 12" ..O/P

Two days of pouring rain, only to wake up on the third day to find a snow surprise on the ground My first thought was that this can only mean one thing , get the shovel out, again. I wonder if we will ever see the end of this winter. Surely, spring can not be far behind.

I used a thin pink background wash for this painting. Much of the two coats of gesso white could be seen through the wash in many areas. This was the result of rubbing the surface with a paper towel prier to to using the hair dryer to evaporate the medium ( oms) used in the pink wash. After the drying , I did not smooth out the wash as I had done in previous preparations.

My palette of colours for this piece was my usual palette of warm and cool colours, plus I added a 'brilliant yellow' . I used this to warm the white paint that was representing the light coming between the two buildings.
I used my "putty knife" when applying the foreground 'blue snow', followed by the use of a brush to roughly smooth out or blend the rough edges left by the knife.

I really liked the rather large 'red' abstract shapes of the barns in the composition.

'til next..


Keith Tilley said...

Hi Frank, I like the warm/cool contrast in this one, and those trees really look a long way back.

We're getting the snow back here too, just when the Spring flowers are starting to come through.

William Cook said...

Yes Frank I like those whackey rooflines too. And thoe=se trees are nice. I always want to paint all the sticks but thats silly. You eye just sees gray for all that. You handled that well, along with the aerial perspective.
they really are receding. Great job. Wm

Jesus Estevez said...

Very nice Frank both of them , the previous one also has a special color
and the last one is just a very good painting,

Victor Errington said...

Spot on again Frank. I love it all. Your usual brilliance my friend. All the best Frank.

Victor Errington said...

Love this one Frank. The snow is brilliant. All the best.

Frank A. said...

Hi Keith, Sorry for being late getting back to you. Real life is getting in the way of the fun stuff !

"We're getting the snow back here too, just when the Spring flowers are starting to come through."

Today is the first day that felt as though spring is finally going to show her face.

Thanks for commenting on the painting, Keith. Appreciate it !

Frank A. said...

William Cook.. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my painting, William.

"I always want to paint all the sticks but thats silly. "

Know what you mean. I had to fight that same fight. Still have to remind myself from time to time, less is more. I think it is the curse of a "Graphic background". :)

Thanks again.

Frank A. said...

Jesus..hey, when do you get the time to do all the painting and teaching you do and still get time to wright comments and compliments to all the blogs that you follow ?

Glad that you do and I thank you for it.. :)

Frank A. said...

Victor... Thanks for your comments and compliments. It can be time intensive for all and I appreciate the time spent by others to do it time after time. Thanks again ! :)