Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ice ..10" x 12" ..o/p

A little "Mom and Pop" country convenience store is the subject of today's near spring painting.
It appears to me that they have one of everything in stock that one could ever want to purchase. If by chance you do not see what you want, asking will make it suddenly appear from a back storage room, or so it seems.

I used a slightly tinted panel (pink) that had two coats of gesso applied to the surface. I left the gessoed surface unsanded. I like the texture of the brush strokes that tend to appear through the thinner washes of colour.
The palette that I used was my 'warm and cool' ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cad.yellow med., cad. lemon yellow, alizarin, cad.red and titanium white. I also had a raw sienna on my palette.
My odourless mineral spirits was used sparingly at the beginning layout stage and increased as the painting progressed.

Spring is in the air !

'til next..


René PleinAir. said...

Love it, you really can feel the spring is knocking. Maybe they have got some more in store?!

Pity it's such a small upload, you hardly can see what you mean about the unsanded surface

Susan Roux said...

You really capture the feel and look of things this time of year. Mud season.

Erik said...

Lovely texture and brushstrokes in this one.

Frank A. said...

Rene..After this long winter I will take whatever they have that will put a spring into my step !
Thanks Rene.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Susan...(Mud season) You've got that right, for sure..! lol.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Erik. I appreciate your comment and compliment. :)