Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...Out Of Westbrook ..10 x 12" ..o/p

The snow of the past winter is all but gone. What remains to be seen in the open is the unmelted snow that is left along the shaded side of the tree lined fences. I am usually apprehensive about painting during this time of year. Spring ! With early spring, one can expect to witness the scattered dirty remains of winter, mud and the dampness of rain.

This panel was only prepared with three coats of gesso. The gesso was applied with the old, used brush in order to end up with the texture of the strokes. No sanding of the gessoed panel was done between applications.

After the composition of the painting was completed, I 'washed in' the darker values of the finished colours. ( left side of the house and shadowed sectons of the front ) While waiting for those areas to set up, I worked on other shadowed and dark areas such as the large spruce to the right and some of the foreground.

I then proceeded to lay in the sky area and the lighter sections of the front of the house. The colour painted in here was very close to the finished colour and value. Moving now to the left, I could now lay in the large maple tree that runs through the side of the house, into the sky.

From here on was the fun part. Adjusting values where needed, fixing the lost and found edges and adding the intuative nuances that one feels are needed to call it, "finished".

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xiaohu110129 said...
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rob ijbema said...

the patches of left over snow give a nice contrast this time of year...bet you are ready for spring after another canadian winter
your work is as alive as ever frank!

Frank A. said...

Rob. Thanks for 'popping in. Yup,ready for any kind of spring !Winter seemed long this year.
I hope things went well for you and yours this past winter and much success for the summer events and painting.

"your work is as alive as ever frank!"

Thanks for that compliment,Rob. I appreciate it.

Have a great summer. :)