Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winter Shore Logs 9" x 7" o/p

As you can see by the painting above, I have tried something a little different again today. Again, you will note that I did not pre stain the panel for this particular piece. I did however apply two coat of thick gesso with an old house painting brush so that I could get a rougher texture on the surface of the panel once it had dried. The texture may be more noticeable in the sky , and ( left click to enlarge) the water of the river.

I started the painting by drawing in the composition with purple oil coloured strokes, followed by washes of the main local colours of the subjects and darker shadows. I did this for the background, middle and foreground, followed by wiping out of some areas for highlights. I continued laying other darker values of the local colours to represent impressions of the background trees, shoreline and etc.

The foreground had less "rubbing out" as I added the local colours with thicker paint, in a more traditional manner, giving the foreground greater texture than the middle and background. Overall, I felt that this method, at this point, helped give the feeling of depth to the painting. I played with objects and their shadows in the foreground until I was satisfied that they gave the impression of what I was trying to accomplish.

This was a fun painting to work on, not unlike a "watercolour ".

'til next..


René PleinAir. said...

Love the new bunch of work you produced Frank, especially the last one with the rough structure.
Trevor and Curtis use it a lit to, and I must say I like it a lot as well.

Are there any running cars in Canada btw. ?

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
very nice, thanks again for the desciption of your work. I particulary liked the fallen trees on the foreground, they seem to have an hearth, witch they probably do! Looks like the cold is everywhere! Keep worm with hot coffee or chocolate , happy painting

Frank A. said...

Thank you , Rene.
Yes, I found it interesting and certainly different from the "loading on the paint" technique. I found that I also like being able to "wipe out" areas.
I think that I will need much practice to get anywhere with this method.The 'high key' colours are radicle to me... :)

"Trevor and Curtis use it a lit to, and I must say I like it a lot as well."

...Good to know. Thanks !


Frank A. said...

Howdy Mariano ! Thanks a lot !

Yup, the cold is everywhere. We had fourteen inches of snow overnight. Not a welcome sight in the morning for sure. I stayed in today, so I will have to do the snow blowing and removal tomorrow. Will be keeping the "shnupps" handy for the breaks. (-14c* for Thursday Feb.3)
Painting will have to wait !

Take care..

Frank A. said...


"Are there any running cars in Canada btw. ?"

Yes, but they are reatively new.
Now, I think ( if you wish ) I can get you a real good 'as is' deal on your choice of an older car or truck or both for only a small 'finders fee'.. :) Plus the owner may take a small Morris truck in on trade.

...let me know ! :)

René PleinAir. said...

Hahahahahaha too funny!!

I don't think the shipping will be worth it. Besides you paint those car soo well I can see from here that they are way passed the recovery period! ;-)

Frank A. said...


Well, ..Yes,the 'due date' has long since past by about fifty years.
But, hey...You can't blame a guy for trying !..

hahaha !


René PleinAir. said...

I don't blame anyone and I have to be honest, my Morris is turning into a welded shelf from my neighbor for that matter, or is it the other way around?! YES I think that's the case, my neighbors shelf is turning into a Morris lately, I got it when he moved a some time ago and now I am using all the metal shelves from it, ... so less and less Morris.

I could send over the left over shelves sheets when I am finished?!!?! :-D

Frank A. said...

Rene... Really sorry to hear of the demise of "The Morris" .

R.I. P.


René PleinAir. said...

No no that's not it, I am going
to get that old chap back on the road again. But it's just taking a lot more effort then expected. Besides it's such fun to see these old metal sheets turn into something at last, they where rusting in my backyard for years anyway. So don't R.I.P. my car off, ... yet ;-P

Jesus Estevez said...

hei Frank, this painting shows how cold it is out there, very good. I can see you still are trying to sell the old truck, good luck,ah the shipping is on the buyer

Frank A. said...

Hi Jesus..!Thanks for your commment. ..It is a different technique, that is for sure..

"I can see you still are trying to sell the old truck, good luck,ah the shipping is on the buyer "

I have to quit trying to sell other peoples' junk ! No future in it. A little like painting. haha ! :)

Take care..