Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Workshop ..5' x 7" ..O/P

This is a small painting, the smallest format that I have painted on. Usually this kind of format for me would dictate a more straight forward stroke or "sketchy look". A good reference size for a quick colour note or "notan" type layout.

Again, my usual palette was used for this little painting.
But, this time I did not use my usual prestained panel.
I used a white gesso prepared panel, (two coats) all the while, trying to keep as much of the brush texture as possible.

During the layout stage, I kept the oil colour application to the biggest areas as one would with a watercolour. In some areas where I thought the paint was too thick, I wiped back with a cloth or paper towel. This method can bee seen in the sky area where the colour is thin and the texture of the gesso can be seen. After the medium had evaporated, I came back in with thicker colour, working back and forth with the cloth and brush until I felt comfortable with the results of the area. I think an example of this method can be seen in the distant trees and workshop. As I neared the finish, I worked more with the brush, laying in the finished details and nuances, all the while, keeping the texture of the thicker paint.

I enjoyed doing this piece and would like to try it on a larger panel.

'til next..


Keith Tilley said...

I love the richness of these recent paintings Frank.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Keith !.. I apppreciate that you noticed that and mentioned it. I have noticed this happening and plan to continue reaching to that same end....Must be the subjects or the weather. ;)

..Keep your water warm.. !
Great winter snow scenes you are into now. Beauties !

Frank Zweegers said...

Beautiful work!

Frank A. said...

Frank Zweegers..Thanks ! Appreciate it..