Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cow Barn In Winter ..10 x 12 ..O/P

While I have the opportunity, may I wish all of you a very Productive, Healthy and Happy New Year. May your next painting be your best painting !

So, why stain the panel ? This piece was started on a Masonite panel that had previously been stained with two coats of gesso. The stain on this particular panel was, on a grey scale, equal or close to a number five grey, assuming that white is 'one' and black is number 'ten'.
Personally, I find that this 'number five value' a distinct advantage when starting the painting.
This number five or "middle" value will allow me to work as I normally would using darkers colours (values) to set up the composition and also to apply and compare lighter or 'high key colours' as opposed to a white background of canvas or panel. It is always nice to be able to see and compare the lighter colours !
'til next..


Jesus Estevez said...

hi Frank, I love this colors, the window frames and the doors with that yellow give a very good effect to the beautiful colors of this painting

Frank A. said...

Jesus.. Thank you very much for your thoughts and compliment.
My colours are usually not as high key as in this painting.. I find it pleasing for a change.

Take care..

Anju said...

Hi! your paintings are really pretty! I wish I had patience to try out colours like that.
I'd love if you could check out my online comic at
http://anjusabu.blogspot.com - feedback/comments are welcome!

Frank A. said...

Anju.. Thank you for your compliment. It is much appreciated.

I wish I had patience to try out colours like that.

Anju, consider it "practice", not "patience"..
Just do it !