Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Century Farm " In The County " ..10" x 12" ..O/P

"In The County", refers to Prince Edward County in the Province of Ontario, Canada. On a map of Canada, you will see that it is situated at the east end of Lake Ontario, and at the start of the St Lawrence River. It is a beautiful place to visit in any season of the year and a beautiful place to paint out doors, as I have found, . The whole County seems to appeal to the 'romantic' in me. Certainly in my mind, another " Currier and Ives" kind of time and place, feeling!

This painting is literally from the same palette as the painting, " End Of The Road". I tried, while painting it, to keep it a little at the lower end of the colour key scale in order to contrast with the 'left side' light and the lighter handling of the snow.

I feel that the addition of the birds in flight and the old gentleman walking through the gate towards the house lend an added feeling of cold and 'homey' warmth to the painting.

'til next..

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