Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Coach House And Red Door .. 6" x 8" .. O/P

Yes, it does look as though he has gone back to a small board. As these have been in my painting kit for the last while, I decided to use them, if for no other reason than to get them out of the way. This size panel makes for a good size if one wants to do a quick sketch for a larger future painting. This is what I have attempted to do.
The sketch was rapidly layed down on the under painted panel, the whole while paying attention to the shadows and dark areas of the subject and adding them as I went. In some cases, I changed the dark colour (ultramarine blue and alizarin) for the dark colours of the object being painted. The sketch/painting seemed to work its way to completion very rapidly using this method. I did not take time to "mess around" so to speak, leaving the final "flurrishes"of the brush until the end.
It was a good exercise and a good use for the small panel.

'til next..


Kathye said...

Hi Mr. Edwards,
I am so lucky to have stumbled on to your blog by way of the Art House Co-op. I LOVE your work! I am especially drawn to "Coach House and Red Door", "Midday Autumn Light", "Autumn Marsh and Duck Grass" and "Roadside Autumn." There is something so captivating about the blue colors in these works of art. I love the mood that you created with the blue colors...I can almost feel it! I am now signed up to follow your blog and maybe I can learn a little something just by reading and watching you at work. Thank you for sharing your incredible work! Kathy

Frank A. said...

Kathye...Thank you very much for your very kind comments, thoughts and compliments. They are appreciated !
It is a pleasure to have you as a follower and I am happy to share in some way, my work with you.

Peace !