Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Carriage House And Red Door II ..10" x 12" ..O/P

This painting is from a reference 6" x 8" piece by the same name that I did last week . At that time , I mentioned that I would keep it as a reference and do a larger painting during the winter.
Well guess what? I could not wait !
I feel that this is a much stronger painting. The composition is stronger in that the large empty 'sky area' in the original has been toned down by the addition of the tree behind the house. It just seemed to fill that space. The colour is more harmonious as well in the 'new' painting. I hope that you agree.
The addition of the red (complimentary to the green) barn on the far left works well visually, helping to move the house to the right, making it less centered in the composition , which is an improvement..
'til next..


Kathye said...

I really like how all of the colors are deeper and richer, especially the grass (and more of it). And I do like the red barn, and the different shade on the front door! Love everything about it!

Sasmita said...

Excellent work. Love your landscapes... hope I could do at least half of that !!!!

Frank A. said...

Kathye, Thank you for the compliment and comments from your observant eyes.
They are appreciated !

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Sasmita..Thank you very much for your lovely charitable compliments.

"hope I could do at least half of that !!!!"

...you can do it all, go for it !

Happy painting.