Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn Stag Sumac...10" x 12".. O/P

Autumn seems to be 'hanging in there'. Plenty of leaves have yet to turn to their fall colours. This makes for , if the weather holds out, exciting painting. A glorious day today !
This painting follows the same pattern of the last painting in the sense that the same limited colours and plan of execution were adhered to. The bold red of the autumn sumac do seem strange in the landscape. I do not think that I have encountered it in such a way in any other landscape that I have painted out of the fall season. It certainly grabs the eye this time of year.

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
beautifuls trees and colors, such a vibrance! One can feel your joy in painting this. It was a great day that is for sure. Best regard and happy painting, your friend in Lithia Spring(Georgia) were the trees are still green!

Frank A. said...

Mariano, who lives in Lithia Spring (Georgia) where the trees are still green..hahaha ! ..Sorry about that.. :) Do they ever turn ? I hope that ours last a little longer.
Thanks for the comment and compliment, Mariano.

May all your paintings be gems...

Victor Errington said...

Hi Frank.
Another winner. I can`t get over your wonderful colour that you produce. I have taken a leaf out of your book and for the last three paintings, I have put an undercoat of Cad` red. It certainly works, thanks. All the best Frank.

Frank A. said...

Thanks, Vic !
I checked out your last three pieces. I think that the under painting (red) works well for you. These paintings have a certain feeling of warmth to them and I am sure that they give that welcoming warmth to the viewer as well. (I.M.H.O.)
Nice.. Good for you !

Cheers !

Literary Lovers said...

Hey Frank,

your colors on the canvas just pull me toward them! Such an overwhelming stimulation inside with a single glance on the painting. I would like to congratulate you on such an impeccable talent display.


Frank A. said...

Literary Lovers,

Thank you for your kind congratulatory email to my painting.
I am pleased that my paintng and colours have this effect and could draw this response at first glance.

Take care..

Ruth Andre said...

Gosh, this is a gorgeous painting. It is full of color and life.

Artscapes said...

Your paintings are so different from your political cartoons and I love them both. I like looking at your brush strokes. I can see you painting, very vibrant.

Jesus Estevez said...

Very beautiful, good combination of colors, just beautiful

Frank A. said...

Ruth.. Thank you for your comment and compliment.
As you can see, I am not very punctual at getting back to you.

Please accept my apologizes.

Do take care..

Frank A. said...

Artscapes..I have tried hard to keep the p. cartoons and my paintings separate. It is sort of like having a secret identity. ;)

Thankyou for the compliment and I am pleased that you like my work.

I enjoyed looking at your blog and I wish you luck on your contest entry and your art studies.

Happy painting..