Tuesday, September 07, 2010

...Along The Cataraqui River 10" x 12" O/P
After the warm days of summer, I was not prepared for the chill of this morning. It makes me think and feel that the cooler days of our autumn cannot be far behind. Say, "Goodbye" to summer painting.
Again, this piece was painted on a 10" x 12" Masonite panel prepared with two coats of gesso and a coat of
red-orange to cover the white of the gesso.
My palette for this piece was my "split palette" consisting of , Two blues, (ultramarine and cerulean ), Two reds ,( alizarin and cadmium red med.) and two yellows, ( cadmium yellow med. and lemon yellow)
No medium was used in this painting other than what may have been in my brush after cleaning in my OMS (odourless mineral spirits) Before washing the brush, I made sure that I squeezed the excess paint out with a paper towel, just in case I did not wash the brush before applying a fresh load of paint.
The execution of painting followed the simple method of laying down an outline of the largest shapes followed by the outline of the smaller shapes relating to scene.
It was now time to lay in the darkest 'patches' of colour in the largest shapes as dictated by the scene. This was followed by doing the same to the lesser shapes and so on to the smallest shapes. I continued filling in all the shapes with the next lightest value of colour until all the shapes had their areas filled.
Lastly, I used a smaller brush and played with the smaller details such as the branches, grasses,water and stones.
It did not seem long until I felt that there was not much more that I could say about the scene. It was time to say, "Finished".

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
lovely brushwork , it is always a pleasure to admire your work.

Frank A. said...

Hey, Mariano ! I see that you are finally home. ( I guess! ) I hope that you had a great holiday and got lots of paintings and referance work done for future paintings.
NIce to hear from you, and thanks for the comment. It is appreciated!


Ida M. Glazier said...

I am in Nevada, US---and i check your blog from time to time. I plein-air in pastel and love it---just learning, now for about 2 years. I love reading about your Oil procderures and noticed that you change it up from time to time. I have done mayb 5 PA's in oil and plan to do more---You didn't use much if any medium in this new work----Why?

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--appreciated your recent comment on my post. My latest also bids goodbye to summer. Must be "great minds..." at work. I always get good reinforcement by your excellent relating of your painting processes. This one is especially good!

Frank A. said...

Hi Jack..
Great to hear from you !Thank you for your kind comments. It is encouraging for me to know that someone else thinks that I am doing something right. LOL...As I have said to others, Jack, "Take what is useful and ignore the rest."

Yup, you are right...It's gotta be, "great minds".

I am happy that you feel this process helps you. ..Glad that I could help.
Best of the Autumn painting to you..

Thumbs up !

Victor Errington said...

Hi Frank.
Yes, I agree with Mariano, it is always a pleasure for for me as well to see your paintings. Another winner Frank. Well done and all the best.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Frank A. said...

Ida.. Thank you for checking out my blog. I am happy that you are getting something out of it, and it's always nice to meet another fellow "P.A.er"
In this work I stayed away from the medium mainly because I was painting impasto (thick paint at one time )Using medium in this case would thin the paint layer beyond my personal preference.

Good luck with your future oil painting endevours..

Frank A. said...

Hey, Vic..I almost missed you ! Thanks for checking me out. Always nice to hear from you.
Thanks for the compliments as well, they are always appreciated.

All the best to you and yours..

Frank A. said...

SKIZO (coool handle ) haha..
Thank you for your compliment. I am happy to share.

Happy Painting..