Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting For Late Autumn 10" x 12" o/p

Another painting that seemed to be pushing the envelope. It is unusual subject matter for me and I was determined to try it. For some unknown reason, I seem to be putting myself into these strange painting positions. I was prepared to struggle with it.
The panel for this painting was a gesso prepared Masonite with a reddish orange surface . Very similar to the previous painting.

The oil colours were my limited palette with these changes. Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Naples Yellow, Jeune( Yellow) Brilliant, and Titanium White.

In this particular painting, I massed the objects onto the panel as opposed to drawing each object. Once the objects were massed (foreground, middle and background) it is now a question of sorting the larger details for each object and adding the impression of that detail to the shape. Sounds easy ! The thing is to continue this method until you are satisfied with the "finished look" that you desire for your painting.... Interesting !

The method certainly gives a different feel and look to the painting and allows lots of room for being intuitive. I certainly did not feel 'locked in' while painting with the initial massed objects.
It was a fun painting to work on and certainly provided another workable painting avenue to help execute the next piece
'til next..


Keith Tilley said...

Hi Frank.

There's no sign of any struggle and you've produced another cracking painting. I think you were right to go for the blocking-in method; it would have been all too easy to get bogged down in the detail and forget the larger masses.

All the best,

Frank A. said...

Thanks Keith ! I agree with the comment that you made about the blocking-in method.
The struggle happened when it came time to pick out the details and just how far to go before the painting begins to look "fussy".
Decisions, Decisions ! :~)

Take care.

Victor Errington said...

Hi frank.
I agree with Keith, another cracker. I would like to give a good comment to all your paintings Frank, but as you know, time doesn`t permit does it? All the best Frank.

Frank A. said...

You are a very kind man, Vic. Thank you very much !

All the best back at y'u !

Jean Townsend said...

OMG, you are such a help! thanks for stating the reasoning behind the action, I am learning so much - I really appreciate it - such vigorous work, it's alive!

Frank A. said...

Jean Townsend - Jean, you are welcome. Take what works for you, Jean ! I am happy that you feel you are learning from this post.
Also, thank you for the warm compliment. It is appreciated.

Happy Painting..

Jesus Estevez said...

I like it,It has a good ambiance, things are happening in this painting,and it has a good summer light

Frank A. said...

Jesus.. Thank you very much. Those are 'all good things' and I am happy that you noticed and mentioned them.

Cheers !