Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late For The Tea Party 10 x 12 O/P

This painting was painted in short order and 'no looking back'. I feel that I captured the feeling of the scene and presence of the three hundred years the home has stood here. With this piece and the photo references, I feel that I have a good head start on a studio painting for a later date.
As you can see, a tent was set up for an afternoon tea, hence the title. At the time I did not feel that the tent was conducive to the scene. I may change my mind when it comes time to do the studio piece.
The painting was painted on a gesso prepared Masonite panel that had a 'wash' of orange -red oil colour applied to its' surface and evapourated with a hair dryer and then left overnight before using.
Again , my palette for this painting was my split palette and included, Ultramarine Blue, (a change) Cobalt Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Light, Lemon Yellow and Titanium White.
Two Blues, two Reds and two Yellows plus white. For this particular painting, I did not use any medium except what was in my brush when I cleaned it in my brush washing pot. This brush washing pot contains OMS. ( Odourless Mineral Spirits) Obviously, not a clean OMS
The large shapes of the building and the mass of the trees was roughed in and then the foreground lastly. After this was completed, I began to sort out the larger details within these large areas. Lastly, when dealing with the smaller areas I used smaller brushes, I sorted out some of the smaller details in the small masses.
I proceeded by breaking up some of the edges so that they appeared as more "lost and found" edges. The rest was left undone. That was it !
'til next..


Jesus Estevez said...

nice work Frank, you got a very good feeling of this historical house, plus the brush struck on the trees is very dynamic and full of movement.

Frank A. said...

Nice to hear from you Jesus ! Thank you very much for your thoughts on this painting. They are appreciated. Summer has just about finished and I suppose your classes will be starting up soon.
Good luck with them !

Take care...

Anne Marie Propst said...

Frank, this is lovely and I like the loose strokes.

Frank A. said...

Anne Marie Propst..Thank you very much for the compliments, Ann Marie. I checked out you blog and I like your style of impressionism and paint application. Nice !

"Thumbs up"..

Lynn Lancaster said...

I like your paiting very much. I like the impressionistic style. I also enjoy, as a fellow plein air artist, your explanation of palette, and process

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
Change is good. I found "Allback raw organic lindseed oil" the best to clean brushes. Dip the brush in it before taking the oil color. when finish is esier to clean rubbing it in paper or small towel. Is cheaper than OMS. Also pigment fall on the bottom of your can so next day is ready to re-use. I love it, if you feel like it give it a try. All the best. Your summer oils look great! I expanded my pallette too! More fight with pigments! Ah! Ah!