Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creek Side Weeds 12 x 10 O/P
I probably should have named this painting, "Creek Side Weeds and Mosquitoes" by the time I had finished it.
It was not long after starting it that the 'doing' of the painting became an exercise in frustration. In spite of the mosquitoes, I was determined to finish no matter what !
The panel had two thick coats of gesso applied to the surface and a coat of orange-red runny oil paint added and evapourated with a hair dryer. Immediately after the evaporation, I rubbed the surface with a paper towel to even out the colour. I left it over night to let the oil colour dry a little so as not to be picked up by the brush strokes of paint that I was to apply to the painting later .
Again, the palette for this painting was my 'limited palette' and titanium white. At the time, I did not realize how thankful I would be for the 'speed' and 'simplicity' the limited palette would offer.
Because of the conditions, no time was wasted redoing or correcting passages.
It occurred to me as I was rushing to finish that this was probably a good lesson if for no other reason than , 'a stroke laid is a stroke stayed'. I suppose that I can thank the mosquitoes for that but it certainly
does not make the itch any less.
'til next..


Keith Tilley said...

Hi Frank, good on you for persevering with this one.

How much of a problem did you have with the mosquitoes getting stuck to the painting?

Frank A. said...

Hi Keith, Thanks !

"How much of a problem did you have with the mosquitoes getting stuck to the painting ?"

Keith, I hear you laughing !
Yes, I left them on there,some were burried, the rest I wiped off after the surface was dry.
As for myself, "After Bite" and a teaspoon of "Bynadryl" helped. :~)
I will not be painting in any tangled messes anytime soon.
Thanks for asking ! haha

I really liked your "Beside the Thurso at Westerdale". Great contrasts and comp.
Mosquitoes do not stick to Watercolours, right ?

Take care.

Jesus Estevez said...

Nice work Frank, you have been doing this Summer, the paintings have a fresh air to them and beautiful colors, congratulation. For the mosquitoes don't worry about it, you can put the price of the painting up if it has an insect, just like amber, plus it is a certified of origin.

Frank A. said...

Thank you very much for your comments, Jesus.
Your sense of humour is not lost on me or the mosquitoes. hahaha !

I enjoy your Belleville paintings and I recognize many of the scenes in your plein air and studio paintings .
Very nice work, Jesus.
Perhaps one day our paths will cross. :~)

Have a great summer of painting.

Victor Errington said...

Another hit Frank. Great painting. well done and all the best.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I finally have my ducks in a row so I can post more regularly. Meanwhile, I'll follow your adventures and your helpful technique descriptions, sans mosquitoes! I especially like the "Collins" painting.

Frank A. said...

But Jack, if you follow my missadventures and helpful descriptions,...without the mosquitoes , you will miss the whole point of the helpful technique description . haha !
Seriously, It will be pleasing to the eye to have you back and contributing through your blog. Thank you for your kind remarks.
..Hope to see some of your summer work . :~)

Do take care.

Frank A. said...

Hey Victor ! Always nice to hear your comments and compliments.

...The best to you as well !

Nancy Everett said...

The "rushed" painting brought beautiful results!

Frank A. said...

Nancy..Thank you.. Gee,I wonder if there is a lesson to be learned here ? ( I know, I know, forget about the mosquitoes... :~)

Congrats on your "Artist In Residence" of the near past. I am safe in saying I am sure, this experience will last a lifetime.

Happy Painting..