Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collin's Creek Rapids 6" x 8" O/P

The morning started out with sunshine and a well lit subject. As luck would have it the sky clouded over and rained . It then cleared and the sun came out again, giving hope of finishing the painting. You guessed it ! The rain started again only to turn into a downpour. By this time every thing was soaked by the rain . I now had to make a decision to either go home wet or stay and pant wet. I chose the later !

Luckily I chose today to paint with my limited palette. This choice served me well when hurrying to finish in case of more rain.

The limited palette was in this case, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Yellow Med. and Titanium White. I also put a small amount of Indian Yellow and Lemon Yellow on the side, just in case..

I tried to remember to start painting with the larger brushes after I had established my layout. On a 6" x 8" panel, it was not long before I was using the smaller brushes again.
I was able to finish the painting without further interference from the rain.
'til next..


Victor Errington said...

Another winner Frank. Gorgeous colours as usual. also well done in braving the Rain. That would have made me miserable. I don`t think I could paint whilst wet. I got soaked once but luckily there was a place close by that I went to and at least changed my top but nothing else. Thanks for your palette. All the best frank.

Frank A. said...

Victor. Thanks very much for your comments.
Yes, it was a strange painting day. After the first burst of rain, I retrieved my umbrella from my van so I did have some protection for the second downpour.It certainly did not help the painting.
Well, stuff happens ! :~)

Have a great summer, Vic.