Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Church On Sydenham Road 11" x 14" O/P

Okay, so no fooling around with the smaller brushes on this painting. (which seem to have become my "large" brushes)
The larger panel seems to give me a fighting chance to use the larger brushes. These brushes were eights and tens in size. A little on the scary size, I thought at the time.
Because this painting was painted on on the same day as the previous painting, I used the same palette, only having to replenish a few of the colours.
As I was using larger brushes, I thought that I would not us my regular method of drawing in the masses of the painting. I opted this time to make up washes of darker colours and lay in large shapes of the subject with different values. If the shapes were 'off', it was easy to use the rag to take away the 'mistake'. When I was satisfied with the lay in, I let it set for a short time, which allowed me to proceed applying a more loaded brush stroke without worrying about picking up the colour with my stroke or' slipping' over the washed surface.
The larger brushes did feel a little on the clumsy side, but it was something that I thought if persuade, would end up with a more loose look and feel to the painting. It wasn't until I felt that I could go no further with the details of the painting that I started to switch to the smaller brushes. ...Must remember not to get carried away with the details and smaller brushes or I will undo all that I feel I have gained with the larger brushes.
I really like the little nuances that just happen while using the larger brushes. Got to remember to leave them !
In many cases, they look as though they "make" the painting.
'til next..


Kyle Martin said...

Wow, what an explosion of energy! You are really paintin!

Frank A. said...

Kyle, thanks for your compliment. I appreciate it...
"Just trying to cut a little loose"
It was fun !

Have a great summer of painting.