Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Pasture   8" x 10"   O/P

This painting is one that was painted from a spot that I had previously painted from some time ago. This time, it was the cows that drew my attention to the area. The composition also seemed to warrant the addition of the birds. I guess that I am pushing the envelope just a little with this painting.
Usually, the only medium that I may use is OMS (odourless mineral spirits), other than that, I used straight from the tube with the available oil that is in the colour. Okay, I will admit to using Liquin from time to time. For this particular painting, I thought that I would try a Copal Painting Medium.
Copal medium, as read from the front of the container, is an oil painting medium. Speeds drying, improves flow, increases gloss. Add directly to colour for increased fluidity and enhanced  ease of application. I did add directly to the colour and the colour did become more fluid. I did notice that after applying the colour, it did hold the texture of the brushstroke. This was a concern as I do like the texture.The rest remains to be seen after the painting has had time to dry. 
The medium must be used with extreme caution. As the bottle warns..Combustible. Exposure may cause allergic reactions, skin irritant. Further precautions and contents are labelled on the back. 
If you plan on using this medium, please treat with respect.
I used my regular limited palette. The panel was gessoed and a reddish stain was applied to the surface and dried before using. 

'til next..


Victor Errington said...

Hi Frank.
Absolutely brilliant painting, I love it. Well done yet again Frank. All the best.

Frank A. said...

Thanks a lot, Vic. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was out there.
(haha). I think that I like that Copal painting Med.

Take care..

Tim Fitzgerald said...

We're out there It's just prime painting weather I would hazard a guess.
Very nice picture as always, be careful with all those chemicals.
Tim Fitz

Frank A. said...

Tim, thanks for 'coming in' and posting your compliment. I appreciate that, but at the same time, sorry to take you away from your painting. :~)
..Will take care with the chemicals.

Glad you were there.

Reyes R. Vicent said...

Me gustan estos paisajes por el colorido tan vibrante que poseen y la valentía y espontaneidad de la pincelada. es una pintura muy viva y con mucha fuerza.
Me uno al grupo de seguidores para aprender y disfrutar de la Pintura.
Saludos cordiales.

Reyes R. Vicent

Frank A. said...

Reyes..Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for the strong, kind compliment.
I enjoyed your blog and your paintings. I shall be back for visits, I am sure.
..Nice to have you along !

Have a great summer of painting.