Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lemoine's Park Beach  10" x 12"  o/p

This painting was painted on a Masonite panel that had been prepared with three coats of gesso and a final coat of a pinkish orange colour applied to the surface.
The palette for this painting was cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin, Cad yellow med., Cadmium lemon and white.
The medium that I used was a odourless mineral solvent . The first coat of paint and the drawing layout was put on with a fairly runny dark colour. Subsequent  layers were  mixed with the available oil that came with the colours in the tubes (notice the 'impasto")  As the colours and details became harder to apply, solvent was added to the mixture, to help them flow and stick to the previous layer.

Another summer fun panting...

'til next..


Manuel Casabranca said...

great pochade. Very intersting the limited number of colors from your pallete. I notice that you don't need any red hue, only alizarin. But mostly intersting is the rithm of the oil rendering and the light.
best regards

Frank A. said...

Thank you very much for the comments from your keen observations, Manuel.
I have a spot on my palette for cad red, but in this case ,I did not use it. It does not give me the desired 'purples' that I like from alizarin.
...light is very elusive, isn't it ?

Have a great summer of painting.

Victor Errington said...

Absolutely brilliant Frank, as usual I might add. I don`t know how you manage to get your wonderful colouring. All the best Frank.

Frank A. said...

Hi Victor..
Nice to hear from you.
Thanks again for your encouraging compliment.
I do not know what to say about the 'colouring' except to say that I hate to waste it by leaving it on the palette to get hard, so ...
( Just kidding) ..:~) Truthfuly though, I think that it is all part of that trying to be 'loose' thing.

..I see that you are back at it !
..Good for you..!

Take care..

Alice said...

A very nice fresh painting Frank. The warmness of the pink/orange undercoat gives it a glow that echoes the warmth of summer.

Frank A. said...

Hi Alice.. Great to see you ! Thank you very much for your descriptive compliment. I agree with you about the stained background. And...it sure beats having to go back and fill in all those white canvas spots that never got covered with paint the first time around. :~)
I hope that you are having a successful (is it summer there ?)painting season.

Do take care..