Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'47 Plymouth   9" x  12"   O/P

The complex of buildings that make up this painting was once a general store and a favourite stop on the way to our summer cottage . It was treat time for the boys and it was always a pleasure conversing with the two retired brothers behind the counter. Time then seemed to stand still. 
The support for this painting was a Masonite panel that had two coats of gesso and a coat of burnt sienna acrylic with a touch of cadmium yellow applied to its' surface.
My palette for this painting was cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin, cad. red med. Cad. yellow med., lemon yellow and titanium white. On the side, I had some yellow ochre. 
My medium of choice was the copal painting medium, as I began using in the previous painting and am still experimenting with it. I used odourless mineral spirits for my beginning ( runny sketch) lay-in. 
In speaking of the last painting and the use of the copal medium, I must say that I quite like the results as I see them. I like the way that the texture holds up after drying, and it has a bit of a shine as opposed to the mat finish the dry oil seems to have. The painting looks fresh !

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Kirby said...

Nice painting and the viewpoint is great.


Linda Popple said...

Really nice painting. Your brush strokes have that impressionist quality to them. I like the Plymouth just peeking out of the garage. Well done!

Prabal said...

This looks very fresh and lively..Good work.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Kirby. I appreciate your compliment and taking the time to post it here.


Frank A. said...

Linda, thank you very much for the very generous compliment.It is very encouraging. :~)

Do take care..

Frank A. said...

Prabal..Thank you !This sounds like an endoresment for the Copal medium.

"This looks very fresh and lively."

Thanks again..

Mary Anne Cary said...

Enjoyed touring your sight, Frank. Love your style, the looseness and brushwork. Great colors, too!

Frank A. said...

Mary Ann..Thank you for the lovely compliments on the painting. I am glad that you enjoyed the site.
I enjoyed your site as well.Lots of hard work there.
I think that I have been through your area. Lots to paint as I remember.

Have a great summer of painting.

Frank A. said...
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