Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lakeside Farm   10" x 12"   Oil / Linen on Masonite Panel

This painting may look strange to you at first sight. This painting was painted on linen.
The method for this painting on linen was as follows...
I cut a piece of linen  one half inch larger all around than the Masonite panel .I then covered the surface of the of the panel with a archival white glue and spread it evenly but not thinly.
I then layed the piece of linen, centering it on the surface of the panel, covering the glued surface. The next step was to use a roller ( a credit card may work) to smooth out the linen on the surface of the panel and to get rid of any 'bubbles' that may lay between the linen and the panel, preventing a good bond. Excess glue will be forced to outside edges of the panel. The linen should be smooth to the look and feel.
As I was in a bit of a hurry to use the panel, I force dried the glue using a hair dryer and applied two coats of gesso, working each into the linen as it was applied and force drying.
I then left the panel overnight, trimming the edges off the next morning before painting on.

Painting on this fine textured surface was a little strange at first.
The biggest concern (for me) was dealing with the paint and how fast it was absorbed into the panel.
I loved the texture !
The effects of drybrush ,soft edges and textures were the second things that I noticed and liked.
Double clicking on the"photo" should give you a larger picture to view details of the textures, etc.

The painting itself was my usual limited palette with odourless mineral spirits used as needed.

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Jeremy Elder said...

This is splendid - nice work. I agree that the texture of the linen is wonderful.

Frank A. said...

Jeremy Elder..Nice to hear from you again , Jeremy. Thank you very much for the lovely compliment.

"I agree that the texture of the linen is wonderful."

Yes, now, if I could only find something that will cut it.. ! Pretty tough stuff when making your own panels.... :~)

Take care..