Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Deserted Insulbrick  8" x 10"   O/P

The spring greens are still showing and the blossoms are in full bloom. Ahh, the aroma of spring! I know that there will be some question about the title and what is isulbrick ?
Insulbrick is not unlike the material that is used for the shingles that are applied to the roof. Insulbrick was applied to the outsides of homes or buildings of the past. The siding had a pattern applied to the surface that when seen from a distance, gave the building the appearance of being built out of our present day brick.
Today, it is not used by the building trades.

I primed the surface of this panel just before starting the painting, and used a variety of stains.

The palette for this painting was my usual limited palette. Alizarin, Ultramarine Blue ,Cadmium Lemon Yellow and Titanium White made up this palette. I did have some Cerulean Blue that I used in the sky as well.

Ahhh Spring !

'til next...


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
Lovely!!!! One can feel the pleasure you had painting it. I particulary engoyed the way you set the darkest part of the building against the light of the tree foliage and the fragrance of spring.

Susan Roux said...

You've painted so much character into this old home! It may be deserted now, but you brought life back into it. Were you imagining the families that once lived here while you painted? I can just see the little children running out to play in the yard...

Alice said...

The painting has a very pleasing and fresh atmosphere. The colours are wonderful.

Frank A. said...

Mariano. Thank you for your thoughts on this painting. It was a fun piece to paint.Spring can be such a fun time for painting.
Hope all is well with you.

Frank A. said...

Susan, so nice to read your thoughts on this piece. Thank you !

"Were you imagining the families that once lived here while you painted?"

I am afraid that I was not thinking of anything quite as romantic as you suggest. ...Wish I was !
I was just pleased that the old home was still proudly standing and had served its' occupants so well over time.

..And being a little on the selfish side, I was pleased that I was able to paint and preserve that pride.

..do take care.

Frank A. said...

Alice, thank you for your comments on this painting.

"The painting has a very pleasing and fresh atmosphere."

Your words could very well describe your fresh and comfortable blog.
As they say, "koool". :~)

Rosemarie Borgmann said...

I really like your paintings!!. They inspire me!. I've noticed a lot of joy in their colors. Thank you for looking at my Blog.
I'm still new to the subject of Blog, there has been some trouble posting comments? Eu percebo que as pessoas vistam mas não deixam comentários...

Frank A. said...

Rosemarie.. It has been my pleasure to look at your blog. I think that you are doing just fine with it.
It makes me proud to think that my work is 'inspiring' to you. Thank you very much for that compliment.
Continued "good luck" with your painting and blog.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Love this scene of the old home contrasted with the fresh spring blooms on the tree. Glad I found your blog!

Frank A. said...

Debbi Smith Rourke..

"Love this scene of the old home contrasted with the fresh spring blooms on the tree."

I wish that I had picked up on that juxtaposition previous to painting.
I may have played up that difference even more. Oh well ! :~) Glad that you felt that in the painting and I thank you for the compliment.
I am happy that you found my blog.

Your blog and art was a joy and I really like your technique.

All the best of painting to you..