Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Comes To Collin's Creek 8" x 10" O/P

Just as I had thought, the little creek was still flooded in spite of little rain falling this spring. The air was full of the spring sound of rushing water and the busy churping of birds.
I was disappointed to see that the large oak had not surrived the winter winds. What was left of it when last seen near the end of this past fall was now lying on the ground. Like the passing of an old friend, it was a sad start to beautiful spring day.

The panel was prepared with three coats of gesso and after drying , coated with a redish pink oil colour.
The palette that I used for this painting was two blues, ultramarine and cerulean. two reds, alizarin and cad red light, and two yellows, cad yellow mediuim and lemon yellow. And of course, the trusty titanium white.
This was a small paintng, therefore the emphases was on laying in "the masses" first of all. Once the masses were drawn in, it seemed that much easier to paint the local colours of the background, middleground and foreground.

Another 'fun' subject to paint.
'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
what a beautiful creek and what a beautiful oil. Sorry about the old tree, probably new one's will take his place, but we won't be around to see it. Your oil show a great light, and great feeling for the place. Bravo!

Keith Tilley said...

Nice one Frank. Full of sparkling light. :-)

Victor Errington said...

Beautiful painting Frank. So bright and colourful and happy looking. Well done and all the best.

Linda said...

Nice spring painting! Always sad to see old trees gone. Your painting doesn't reflect your sadness - it definitely feels spring and brings a smile. Well done!

Frank A. said...

Mariano, thanks for your post. I hope that things are going well for you.
I appreciate your comments that the painting has inspired, and I thank you for them.
I see that you have gotten back into doing more "urban" paintings after spending some time with "flower" pieces. ..Nice !
Best of luck with the summer paintings.

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Hi Keith.. Nice to hear from you !
Thanks for posting your comment.
I hope that you are having a great personal spring. The watercolours are looking great..as usual. :~)

Stay well..

Frank A. said...

Thanks for the comment, Vic. It is appreciated.
I have joined you as a follower, so if you should hear something, it is just me peering over your shoulder, checking things out. .. :~)

Have a great summer of painting.

The best to y'u..

Frank A. said...

Linda, thank you very much for your comment. I am happy that I could bring a smile to you. Your recent three day workshp with Carol Marine sounds and looks like it was fun. My guess is that you will be now going to the 'next level'. :~)
She does great "stuff".

..Best of painting to you.

Alice said...

Beautiful vibrant paintings - a pleasure to view.

Frank A. said...

Alice, Thank you for your kind and positive comments. I appreciate them very much.
..Enjoyed your blog, especially your use of the bright colours. Love 'em !

Have a great summer !

rob ijbema said...

as nice as spring frank
so full of light and life!

Victor Errington said...

Thank you frank for joining me as a follower. I would love to have you peering over my shoulder, you are such a great Artist that produces fantastic beautiful paintings. All the best Frank.

LeAnn Whitacre said...

Frank, your paintings are beautiful. I'm so glad I found your blog. I feel like I will learn a lot from your descriptions of the palettes you use, and the process for painting. I like the before/after shots, too - the improvements you made on the previous painting really make a difference. Thanks for sharing your work.

Rosemarie Borgmann said...

Very very nice!!

Frank A. said...

LeAnn.. Thank you for your very generous compliment.
It is my pleasure to share with you and am happy that you feel my "stuff" may help.
I hope that I do not lead you astray... :~)

It was fun viewing your blog, thank you !
Best of luck with your painting.

Frank A. said...

Rosemarie..Thank you ! It is nice to hear from you.
I enjoyed your blog ..again. :~)

Continued good luck with your painting.

Nancy Everett said...

A very exciting painting!

Frank A. said...

Nancy.. Thank you very much for the compliment.I am happy that you found it exciting.

It was fun checking out your blog. Glad that I did. Nice work !

Take care..

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love your work. This one really stopped me in my tracks.
Wonderful color and brushwork.

Frank A. said...

Mary Sheehan Winn

Mary, thank you for the lovely compliment.It is greatly appreciated. I am happy that you liked the painting.
I enjoyed your blog and the many fine pieces of work. I really like your 'style'.

Stay well.