Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Federal Penitentiary...9"x12"   O/P

I felt a need to push the envelope at this time and this is something completely different for me.
It was a fun challenge and full concentration was needed , or so I discovered. Wow, moving objects !  
I tried to lay in the composition as quickly as I could, paying attention to placement and proportion of the main objects to each other in the painting. As I was working on this stage, I introduced different colours in and around the main objects, all the while clearly definning the objects  and correcting until they became recognizable and pleasing to the eye.
From this stage, it was time to introduce the "Mother" colours to the buildings, the distance, the road and autos, etc.
I think at this stage,  I felt as though I was 'home free', with only the details left to do. I think that the painting may have 'tightened up' a bit at this point. ..Oh well !
The palette for this painting was the same as for the previous painting,  "Spring, A New Beginning".
The difference being the proportions of paint in each mixture.
It was a welcome change of pace and I look forward to the next fun challenge of its' type.

This is another painting that upon some reflection, I felt needed some suttle changes.The distant background to my mind did not accent the perspective because of the dark values. I therefore lightened the values. I also sharpended some of the details in the foreground and made some colours more intense.

I now feel that the whole painting "reads" much better. 

'til next..


Linda said...

This is a very nice painting. I like the red car- perfect color choice. The sky is beautiful with all the colors, as well. The prison is an unusual subject and I like it!

René PleinAir. said...

Very daring to paint on the middle of the road!! Very vibrant as well, I like it although I think it lacks a little bit of areal colour perspective. In other words:


Good job Frank.

Marie Theron said...

The cars are really rendered well, just the basic shapes.

Dana Johnson Plein air Artist said...

pushing the evelope is good....very moving and great loose feel...good color

Lisa Daria said...

Cars - what a challenge! - nice job w/them -

Haddock said...

Like this painting.

Aly said...

I really enjoy this one!
It seems very different from your other work, but not in a bad way at all. The road is a very interesting scene choice (and very well done- I recognized it right away!)


Michael Pieczonka said...

very nice Frank. This is somethin' new from you for sure too! I don't think I've ever seen you tackling cars like this one. The cars have a really fun and animated feel to them that is injecting a lot of life IMO. great one.. keep it up!


Frank A. said...

Michael.. Thanks a lot. Appreciate your opinion and thoughts on this one.
You're (I think) right about the cars and being something new for me. (A car is a car, a tree is a tree)
Sort of like, "Coming in from the woods." Hey ! good title for a movie..ah ?
Thanks again for taking the time, Michael