Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tree Shadows On The Marsh 10" x 12" O/P

The snow seems to be hanging on in most of the areas that I have scouted out. It has been cold but sunny for the most part.
For this painting I used my limited warm and cool palette. I also added to it an English red and a Veridian . In the beginning runny layout I applied some Liquin to speed the drying process before continuing.
In some areas near the end of the painting session, I used a medium (OMS). This allowed me to apply thicker paint to a previously painted passage.
..Love that blue !..

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
very vibrant snowscape, lovely;I really like the way you make colors play with each other!

Frank A. said...

Mariano.. A lovely compliment. Thank you very much.
Checked your blog earlier..looks like you have been busy. :~)

Take care..

Craig Granger said...

Frank, another wonderful painting. I must admit it has been nice to view the snow through the eyes of another painter. Growing up in Michigan, it seems that this is how I remember it, blue and all. As Bob Hope might have said, Thanks for reminding me of the memories :)

Frank A. said...

"As Bob Hope might have said, Thanks for reminding me "

You are welcome, Craig. :~)

Thanks for the compliment..

Take care and Happy Painting..(When you can !) :~) haha..I can laugh, I've been there.
Keep the Dream !

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Frank. Glad to see that you've been making good use of al that snow. I love the colours that you've found in this one.

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Keith..Hoope you are busy painting..

"I love the colours that you've found in this one."

INteresting thing about the colours and what happens to them when reflected on to the other objects and colours..

Thanks for noticing that. :~)

Take care.

Celeste Bergin said...

I love that blue too! Beauuuutiful

Aly said...

Hi Frank,

Just stopping by, and wanted to let you know that I love the blue in this one too (as most other people seem to as well). It really creates a lovely effect.

Have a good one!

Frank A. said...

Aly..(Hi Hon.)

It's okay folks, she is my grandaughter checking up on me from her University!..:~) Aly has a Birthday in three days.

(Anyone else want to be 19 ) :~)

Thanks for your comment and for dropping in, Hon. Grab some B.cake on the way out.. :~)

Love, Poppy..(Frank)

Frank A. said...

Celeste..Thanks ! It is from an old lead tube that I found in the bottom of my paint drawer. The label was gone ..(dang !)
Anyway, a nice surprise ! :~)

Keep well !

René PleinAir. said...

Aaaah now I see where all the snow went, every snow that has to been fallen in Vancouver has Frank put on his weblog!!

Do you know about "Carnaval" Frank, that's what it looks like your painting. Not in a mean sense you know, not in a mean sens at all!! It's a feast to look at!

Stay warm,

(word verification: grins) lol

Frank A. said...

Rene.. Yes, I understand what you mean by the 'carnival' of colours.It is a nice compliment and I thank you very much.
Speaking of Vancouver, I congratulate you and your countrymen on the performance of your speed skating team.
It would be a great time for outdoor painters and their paintboxes to be at the Olympics.
I imagine that Dan and his pastels will be filling the air with pastel dust by now. :~)

Happy painting !

becky joy said...

Frank I have given you the "Sunshine Award" for your expressive plein air work. Come by my blog to pick it up.

Bonnie Heather said...

Hi Frank, I choose you as well for the Sunshine Award because I love visiting your blog.

Elusive Moose said...

Beautiful! Some of your paintings remind me of Odd Skullerud, a Norwegian painter who's famous for his Østfold landscapes... Lots of similarities in the style. Check out his work if you are interested - just search for his name on my blog, there's a couple of entries there with links to his paintings. Best, EM

Frank A. said...

becky joy...Thank you very much.!
Nice to see that you are getting all that 'press'. Your work deserves it !
Love your 'stuff' !

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Bonnie (if I may ?) Thank you very much.

"I love visiting your blog."

...so kind of you to say so and a lovely compliment. Thanks again.

Stay well.

Frank A. said...

Elusive Moose..Thank you for the compliment and for introducing me to Odd Skullerud, a Norwegian painter.. I did enjoy his paintings. "Great Stuff" !
I appreciate that you took the time to post in my blog.

..Best of all to you..

Dean Grey said...

I love this one, Frank!

It's bursting with color!


Frank A. said...

Thanks Dean ! I appreciate your compliment.
Good luck with your comic book drawing adventure.

Keep the dream !

sharon said...

Awesome work! So full of color and life! I really want to try landscapes, but don't know where to begin. Your work is so inspiring!!

Frank A. said...

Sharon, Thank you for the compliments...
Loved your blog..From what I have seen of your talent and portraits, you will have no problems jumping to landscapes. :~)
..Just do it !

Good luck ! (thumbs up ! )