Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Downtown Side Street 9" x 12" o/p

I have never used black on my palette until today. I thought that I would give it a try. From what I understand, this black or 'Chromatic Black ' as it is named, can be used to deepen your colours to a darker value.
In past paintings, the procedure would be to use the complimentary colour to darken a colour.
Many artists would shy away from having blacks made from carbon or iron oxide on their palettes. When used in mixtures these blacks would make the colours look 'dirty'.
This particular black, Chromatic Black, is a neutral, tinting black made from complimentary colours.

I rather like the finished 'look' that this black produces with certain colours. I think that I will give it further consideration when painting in the future

'til next...


René PleinAir. said...

It does gives your work an extra bite, I do like it, but I also agree with you hesitation, and consideration. I used Carbon white and Yellow ocker plus Titanium whit during the winter period, when I am right you have one of that work from me with that limited palette. I wonder what you found of this approach you use by this work, a little more explanation then only "I rather like the finished look." ;-)

René PleinAir. said...

wow, now I read it again, it's quiet rotten English isn't it?!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
very nice work. Welcome to the Chromatic black, Gamblin I presume. Useful. A complement color would work as well at least for me, and in same cases better, the chromatic black is a shortcut. Just a matter of getting used to I suppose.
My compliments for speaking so many languages! Rene' Dutch English seems Chinese to me, or maybe He just had to have too many snaps to weather the cold!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hi, another super works,
i think like you about black, I use to use payne but i need somtimes black too

see you

Megha Chhatbar said...

Well, Black is one of my fav color...It brings a lot of details. You gave a better try. I liked the depth!

Graphite Pencil Sketch: Rajasthani Woman Portrait

rob ijbema said...

very charming frank!
you are the snow master
black? bleh hehe

Craig Granger said...

Frank, nice colors, even with the black added. Its always fun to experiment. I do have a friend that uses Ivory Black as a blue, in the way Zorn used it. It tints very cool and works well. Happy painting.

Sandy said...

This has a great "mood" to it. Somehow it feels familiar although I have no idea why. Something to do with the lighting.

Lely Vehuel said...

hola,hoy de visita y recorriendo te encontre,muy hermoso tu sitio,me siento muy agradado de leerte y disfrutar de tu arte,seguire pasando siempre y de paso invitarte a pasar por mi espacio,mucha luz y hasta pronto.

Frank A. said...

Hi Rene ! To answer your ? I think that it takes the visual rawness off what I sometimes think I see in some of my brighter mixes.I tend to feel more comfortable with that particular mix with the slite addition of the Chromatic Black..

Take care Rene..

Frank A. said...

Hi Mariano.You are probably right in your evaluation of the Chromatic Black.
I like to think that it may offer more only because my experience with is so limited. I shall keep trying from time to time or as experience teaches me.

Thanks for commenting.. :~)

Frank A. said...

Laura, Thank you very much for your comments.Interesting that you use the Payne's Grey..as well as the Black.

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Megha..Yes, the black is good for your technique. The 'outline' does make your work stronger.
Thank you for your comments.

Keep drawing... :~)

Frank A. said...

Hi Rob..I think that the use of C. black in this particular painting has been overrated.
So, the "crowning" may have to wait... :~)

Thanks for commenting.
Good Luck with the winter painting.

Frank A. said...

Hi Craig.. yes, the experimenting can be fun. I think that it is K. Backhaus that also uses black to arrive at his blues.
Thanks you very much for your comments.

Keep well.

Frank A. said...

HI Sandy..Thank you very much for sharing your feelings about the painting.
If the answer ever comes to you, I would be interested in knowing it.

Take care.. :~)

Frank A. said...

Lely Vehaul .. Thank you very much for your comments
They are much appreciated..

Take Care..

A Lady's Life said...

very nice :) Almost makes you want to jump in.