Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Westbrook Century Home 11" x 14" O/P
It would appear that for the last while I have been on a old house or homes painting trip.
Once the fall colours have left the scene, it has always seemed to me that what colours are left are dreary. What is left has never been an incentive for me to "get out there". To bridge the gap between the autumn colours and the painting of a winter scene, especially the winter snow scene, it has, in the past and it still seems to hold true, I tend to gravitate to a more human element in my paintings. Houses or homes seem to be that human element because they are a source of visual warmth, subject and colour to the viewer and artist alike. They certainly provide me with inspiration to paint in that seemingly 'dead spot' between autumn and the winter snow scene.
This piece was painted on a stained Masonite panel that had first received three coats of gesso.
The palette that was used was a 'split palette', or a 'warm and cool palette'.
The colours were : Ultramarine blue/cobalt blue, perm. red/alizarin crimson, cad. yellow light/lemon yellow and titanium white.
The brushes were a number four hog bristle brush and a rigger brush.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the person racking the leaves was painted in later... :~)
'til next...


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
as usual a very expressive painting. A very nice balance between light and shadows.

Frank A. said...

Thank you Mariano..I appreciate your comment and compliment.
No snow yet, so it looks like houses and such are it.. :~), for awhile..

Smiles :~)

EH said...

Hi Frank,
we have been struggling a bit with the autumn leaves in my mothers garden recently too.
How do you feel about putting the human figure into a landscape, doesn´t it change everything ? I almost never do it, because my guys tend to act up as if they are more important than the landscape :).

Diana Moses Botkin said...

What lovely light and warmth in this piece; it's beautiful!

Frank A. said...

Diana, Thank you very much for your kind compliment. It is appreciated, for sure.
The light will likely change now that the snow is falling on the ground.. if it stays. :~)

Hey, love the Studebaker in your vivitar..