Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Church At Lanark 11" x 14" oil/panel

The Autumn colours have been ablaze for the last while and will be so for the next couple of weeks. Painting weather outside has not been the best what with the on again off again rains.
It seems to be the typical fall weather that leaves the outside painter "itching"to go, weather or not !
The above painting was painted on a gessoed panel that was stained an orange-red. This base stain may be seen in some areas between the 'strokes'.
My usual limited palette was used for this painting plus a yellow- green tube colour was added near the end of the painting while doing the final details.
A 'rigger' brush and a number six bristle brush was used during the painting. The rigger, for the finer details and for drawing in the initial layout.
Let's hope that the sunnier weather is yet to come.. :~)
'til next...


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
looking at the sky looks like you are going to get wet soon! I like the orange red, very sparkling. A hearthly serene scene, with the Goods playing in the sky.

Rosemarie Borgmann said...

Olá Frank,

Eu gostei muito de seu trabalho, de como você dominou bem as cores fortes e vibrantes e ainda assim o resultado é delicado!!!

Eu também gosto muito de pintar. Se quiser conhecer meu trabalho clik em: http://arteborgmann.blogspot.com/


Frank A. said...

HI Mariano..Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it.. I am beginning to have second thoughts about certain parts of the painting. I'm thinking that there could be a few changes. That usually means ruining it ! :~)

Gotta fix a few values. You know what that means, eh ?

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Ola, Rosemarie ! Thank you very much for your pesonal evaluation and compliment. It is much apprciated.

I have enjoyed your blog. Very interesting (happy) palette and brush contol in my opinion. :~)

Continued success..

Victor Errington said...

Hi Frank.
I found your Blog on Mariano`s Blog,
and glad I have. What brilliant colours you achieve. I virtually have the same palette as you, but don`t seem to get the brilliance
that you get. I wish that I had your`s and Mariano`s courage to go out in all weathers to paint. I don`t mind it being cold but hate the rain and snow. Is one able to receive a posting from you by email? I can`t see anywhere that I can do this. Please let me know will you frank? All the best.

Frank A. said...

Vic..Sorry to take so long getting back to you.
Glad that you found me ! .. :~)
Thank you very much for the compliment

" I don`t mind it being cold but hate the rain and snow "

We cheat ! Sometimes I paint from a warm van...another plein air trick.. .. :~)
As to your querie, I am not "up" on that but I have looked at google and I think that something could be done from your end using "Google Alerts". Hope that it works for you.

Take care...

prashant said...

I like the orange red, very sparkling. A hearthly serene scene, with the Goods playing in the sky. Work From Home

Rosemarie Borgmann said...

Muito obrigado por seu comentário.
Me sinto encorajada!!

Seu trabalho também é alegre. Desejo que você continue nos mostrando belas pinturas.