Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Autumn's Blast Of Colour 11" x 14" Oil/Panel

The leaves of the trees are at their brightest right now. Everything seems to take on an Autumn glow. Colour is everywhere, almost to much colour. It is impossible to match nature's brush. We keep trying and failing if only to come back and try again. A never ending story.

This painting was started on a gessoed panel that had two coats of reddish orange base coat applied to its' surface the night before.
The composition was drawn in with a purplish burnt sienna. The shadows and darker areas of the painting were drawn in with these same colours.
In trying to keep control of the bright colours of the painting it soon became obvious that I would have to be extra careful with the overall values as well. As it is, I feel that they are quite close, perhaps too close.
I followed the old standard of working dark to light, finishing with my high lites. Then it was a case of doing the little flourishes, checking some edges and values.

Autumn is a fun and challenging time to be painting.

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René PleinAir. said...

"Autumn is a fun and challenging time to be painting."

Indeed it is, and it's shows!!!!

Awesome Frank.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Beautiful painting just love the colors.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Definitely Autumn is a challenge but its is also the best season to paint beautifully and you have done it. The color choice is perfect.

Graphite Pencil Sketch: University of Pune

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rene, always nice to have you "make my day" with your worthy compliment. :~)

Smiles.. :~)

Frank A. said...

Thank you, Irit..appreciate it !
Enjoyed your blog, especially some of your older posts. Many were 'special'.

Take care.. :~)

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
Thank you for sharing this beautiful scene. Here in Georgia leaves are green and they stay green forever. I love the depht and the shimmering colors of autumn, it is beautiful!

Frank A. said...

Mariano..Looks as though I am a little late getting back to you again... :~(
I did not realize that you folks down there have "the green" all year round. Sorry about that! :~)

Thank you for your compliment and insight.
And, A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to You and Yours this wkend, Mariano.

Take care..

Pam Holnback said...

I really like the red/orange showing througn in the barn.

Frank A. said...

Hi Pam.. it is always nice to meet a new artist. Reading your blog is addictive and enjoyable.
Thank you very much for your comment and for taking the time to post it. :~)

Smiles.. :~)

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--nice work. Peak color here is a few days away, but I'm going into the mountains tomorrow where I'm told it's spectacular. Have a couple of new posts after being absent for several months. Take a look!

Frank A. said...

Jack, nice to hear from you again.I am sorry to hear of your setback. I have checked out your latest posts and it looks to me that you have not missed a step. Good for you for sticking in there.. Hope that you get some good stuff in the mountains.
This is Canada's Thanksgiving Wkend. So, a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving wish to you and yours.. :~)

Take care..

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure it is to look at the work of someone who loves to paint

Frank A. said...

Cagg.. Thank you for your very kind compliment. It is such a privilege to be just a part of it... :~)

DALSING said...

I love this autumn painting. We have colorful autumns in Oklahoma and I so appreciate the oranges and golds...and the red of the sumac bushes. Well done.

Frank A. said...

Dalsing..Thank you very much for your compliment. It is always nice when viewers can relate the panting to their own area.
I enjoyed your blog. Love the "heavy" color.
Of course, Route 66, who cannot relate to that. Must be some great sites to paint around your place.

Take care..