Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cottage On The Rocks 10" x 12" o/p

A raw wind was blowing during the painting of this piece. It was a constant reminder that Autumn was in the air. Even a small panel such as this had to be frantically grabbed from time to time and saved from the chilly gusts of wind. The details and 'trim' lines of the cottage were next to impossible to lay down.
Although it was sunny, let's hope that a fewer warmer days still lay ahead.
The palette for this painting was my usual limited palette, with the addition of Yellow Ochre and Raw Sienna.
My medium was odourless mineral spirits, ..if and when used at all.
Brushes were a number six, number seven and a "rigger' ( lline work, twigs, etc.)

My hope is that this is just the first of many autumn painting. It is an inspiring time to paint.

'til next.


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
sometimes it takes patience and perseverance to wrestle the elements.
Ah the joy of plain air!!! I Can see you catching your set up flying away, your hand quicker than the wind!!!!
Great job. One can see is a little labored, never less showing your usual jewel like quality. Wishing you fair weather, your friend Mariano

Frank A. said...

Hey, Mariano! Nice to hear from you again.

"sometimes it takes patience and perseverance to wrestle the elements"

You are right there...Makes one wonder what will happen when the snow starts to fly ..

I thought that having the wind blowing would lend a helping hand when making the painting look looser ! Oh well.. :~)

Thank you for the compliment,Mariano. Was going out tomorrow, but rain is in store..

Do take care..

Keith Tilley said...

Well done for battling through and producing a nice painting. The brushes seem to have a mind of their own in those conditions don't they?

Frank A. said...

Hi Keith..Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

"The brushes seem to have a mind of their own in those conditions don't they?"

You are right about that. One more thing to have to contend with as a outside painter. Not only do they have a mind of their own, but seem to control mine as well. :~)

I imagine that the 'chill' must be about ready to set in where you are as well...

..Keep warm...