Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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The Bay at Barriefield Village 16" x 20" O/C
Today started out as a very warm and sunny day. It seemed a perfect day for painting. As the day passed and the painting progressed, the weather became 'muggy', uncomfortable and hotter. One really had to concentrate on the task at hand.

It seemed without notice, that the heavens opened up . RAIN !
The mad dash was on to save the painting and supplies from the downpour. I did manage to get the painting to tilt forward on the easel in order to keep the water from the surface.
...What a mess ! Everything was soaked, including myself.

It now became a chore just to throw everything into the trunk of the car with the thought of sorting it all out when I got back home.

Suddenly, the rain stopped !
...I headed for home...
Support... burnt sienna stained canvas. 16" x 20"
Palette... limited to ultramarine blue, alizarin, cad red, cerulean blue, cad.yellow med, cad yellow lite, titanium white, and sap green. Very little odourless solvent.
'til next..
Note. My paintbox will hold 1/2" of water...without leaking. :~)


Megha Chhatbar said...

Wonderful landscape and the sight! Nice to find your blog..:)

Color Pencil Portrait: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Jeremy Elder said...

Wow, beautiful painting - especially considering the abrupt ending.

Keith Tilley said...

Sounds like you were nearly painting with watercolours Frank! Great result though.

Frank A. said...

Megha Chhatbar, Thank you very much for the compliment.
Glad the you have found my blog.
Keep those pencils busy... :~)

Frank A. said...

Thanks Jeremy..Nice to hear from you.
Yes, that rain was a 'stunner'
Maybe it was for the better...:~)

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Keith..Yes, that is as close as I have come in a long while to 'wet in wet' .The canvas was soaked through from the back.
Thanks, appreciate it .

Take care..

r garriott said...

Your colors are so beautiful!

Frank A. said...

r garriott..Thank you very much..It must have been all that acid rain that came down on me. ;~)
Sometimes I think that it is better to paint what you see than what you know. The colors on the support seem to be/are more exciting.


Mike said...

Beautiful work!

Frank A. said...

Mike.. Thanks for taking a look and commenting. I appreciate it !