Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ontario Farm 10" x 12" oil /panel

Now that we are a little further into our spring, I find that I have inched my way more often towards the right side of my palette.
For those who have been following along, this painting is with the same palette as the previous few paintings.
On the left is Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna (my red) and Yellow Ochre (my yellow) and on the right is Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin and Cad. Yellow Medium (blue, red and yellow) White (titanium) is common to both and in the top middle on the palette.. ( see previous photo of the palette)

The painting is started by using the colours on the left palette. In this case, that would be the layout (composition, washed in) followed by the cast shadows (colours) and matching their values as close to the scene as this palette will allow.
It is now a matter of selecting the next darkest values of the scene's colours and placing them over and around the previous colours from the left side of the palette. I have now started to use titanium white in my mixes during this stage.

Are you still with me ?

At this point, I would not be worrying much about how "neat" the painting is looking. I am still only concerned about laying in the main lighter shapes of my composition.

So, now the painting has been painted in. Finally, I can have fun adding the little touches that will give the painting its more finished look.
I work back into the painting, cleaning up and strengthening some of the edges , or perhaps even destroying some edges (lost). I check the consistency of the light source direction and that shadows are as the light dictated in my original composition. Nothing quite as disconcerting as seeing shadows in the painting, painted as they appeared during the different times of the day. Right? I have also checked the values of my colours against the distant and foreground colours. Do my colours work in perspective? Lastly, I indicate some details in areas that I feel will benefit with this extra explanation and add the sparkle highlights and nuances that I think will help the painting 'dance'.

Thanks for "hanging in there".

'til next...


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
that was a nice dance and a good explanation of it. Everithing seems to work real nice in this one, i love your painterly details, they are lovely. Happy painting

Frank A. said...

Hi Mariano..thanks for your compliment.Nice that you dropped by.
I appreciate your comments.

"that was a nice dance and a good explanation of it."

I had never heard this quote before. Got to remember this one if you don't mind..Thanks.

Keep pushing paint..and
Take care.

simoart said...

This is a beautiful farm painting. It looks so pretty with great details. Keep up the good work.

Frank A. said...

simoart. Thank you for your very kind compliment.Your encouragement is appreciated.
Take care.