Tuesday, April 14, 2009

 Lemoine Point Farm 10"x 12 O/P"

This painting follows the same method as the previous leading up to it. The palette remains the same as well.

As you can see, this painting looks quite loose and 'sketchy'. This is a painting that was started and completed in a couple of hrs, and that, I add, is my excuse for the rather 'unfinished look '.

Here is a photo of my palette that I used for this painting. Most of my paintings end with a palette that looks not unlike the palette in the photo. I suppose that everyone has their own method of working. I like to save my mixes as I paint. ( pretty messy looking, eh ? ) I find that later on during the painting process, I may want to look for that certain colour and it is easier for me to adjust a value or colour if the main colour is still there.
My palette can be seen on the left side, bottom to top-cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and yellow ochre. (red- yellow-blue) On the right side of the palette are my other three colours, bottom to top- cadmium yellow medium, alizarin, (ultramarine blue is common to both sides) (my red - yellow - blue) and white is at the top (middle) The mixing of colours takes place between the two palettes.
I start with my darks and use the left side of the palette when starting . As I near the middle tones or colours , I gradually work in the lighter colours, utilizing the right side of the palette. Things just seem to fall together. (In most cases :-) ) In this particular painting , I did not get to spend as much time with the right side of the palette as I would have liked.

'til next..


Sheila said...

Wow... love how you are able to control the mixing of colors on the canvas. I don't have the discipline for that kind of work yet. Thanks also for sharing your palette colors! I am always learning from my blog pals.

Jeremy Elder said...

Very nice! I'm sure that saving your mixes helps keep them harmonious too huh?

Frank A. said...

Hi Sheila.. it's that old thing about practice...it will come. :-)
You are welcome to take what works for you and throw the rest away..

Thanks for the compliments.

Best of painting to you..

Frank A. said...

Jeremy..Thank you. Yes, you are right, although a "colour surprise" is nice from time to time.
Hey, enjoyed your blog. Nice to read about your "little one". Your life is changed forever ! :-)
Easter Monday will always be a red letter day for us as we were presented with our second grandchild, a girl named Mya.

All the best..

bsherman said...

Congrats ...on the new addition to the Edwards "palette" Frank! A bit of "pink" will really lift the energy in the already busy Edward household. Might try some o' that in the plein air palette side of things too!!It is Spring!!!YUK!YUK!
Take care,

PS I thought that the "Loner" rode a white horse?????Lots o' things change...I guess!

Frank A. said...

Howdy Bruce..A belated Happy Easter to you all..You will have to go back to the twentieth century as all my emails (3) keep coming back.. :-) Same old as same old!
Thanks for the congrats on the new addition.
PS..The white horse only comes out on fair weather pink Sundays.. Yuk,Yuk..

Stay well..

John said...

Hi Frank,

I just like the immediacy of your work. Also, I applaud the fact that the pictures, the work, and the atmosphere mean so much to you; that you feel a part of it too.

That's how I feel about my home area, except. I don't have any mountains within a hundred miles, nor any serious forests and rivers within 40 or so miles! Thus I have to travel to paint; adding to the carbon I fear, and of course so often the weather changes before I arrive!

Still, I can enjoy your work to fill in the gaps, and help me endure the wait for the surgery that will allow me to wander further afield!

Thanks again and Happy Painting


Frank A. said...

John.. My apologizes for getting back to you at this late date.
Thank you for your very generous compliment. It does not go unappreciated.
Perhaps after your surgery and you are back on your feet, you may see that things close to home can make some pretty good paintngs. That may become your forte. Who knows ?
After all,there is more to paintings than mountains and rivers..
I feel that your surgery will go well for you, and you will be back throwing paint soon. :-)

All the best.