Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Paints Their Cottage Red ? 6" x 8" O/P
I painted this scene with the regular palette that I have used for the past few painting. The support was Masonite panel with the regular three coats of gesso applied to the surface.

The only thing that I did different this time was to paint the piece upside down (No, I did not stand on my head..:-) ) I made things easier for myself by painting in this small size. The important thing from my standpoint, by doing this exercise, was that it tends to confuse the brain into seeing 'shapes' instead of recognizing for instance a 'roof' as a roof. I also found that colour values were easier to compare 'as a shape'.
After painting as far as I thought I could do with this 'upside down method', I flipped it 'right side up' and continued finishing with the 'now' recognizable shapes.

A fun and valuable exercise

'til next..


Keith Tilley said...

Hi Frank,

I know what you mean about forcing the brain to see shapes. I did a portrait drawing this way recently and it really works.

I'm not sure how you did this though. Were you working from an upside-down sketch or photo, or did you have a real (right-way-up) subject in front of you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but watching you paint it while standing on my head wasn't nearly so much fun! I tried to leave a comment on your digital jab (loved Generous Motors walking the tightrope!), but ran into all kinds of barriers.

René PleinAir. said...

Aaah I thought so, ...
this painting is upside down!

I would chicken out with all those branches, ... well done!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

I just found your site and really admire your paintings. If I had the energy, I'd paint my cottage red. Is that a Vermont thing? :) You've settled it, BTW. I'm painting upside down today. Don't know why I'd forgotten that great exercise.

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Keith ! Wow ! That had to be challenging. A portrait !
Yup, it was a right-way-up subject. That was challenging enough..:-) It was a good experience though. I will do it again.

Stay well..

Frank A. said...

Hi Gubbins !

"Yes, but watching you paint it while standing on my head wasn't nearly so much fun!"
See? I warned you abjout that.. :-)
Thanks for trying to leave a comment on "Digital Jab".
.."but ran into all kinds of barriers."
he,he..planned it that way!

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rene... Again, nice to hear from you. I would think that Holland would lend itself to this kind of exercise. No ?

Nice to see you still pumping them out..

..Best to y'u..

Anonymous said...

HI Dale.. Glad to be found by another "old O.C.A. boy". ('63) Thanks for the compliment !
You maybe right about that red cottage being a 'Vermont thing'..(by the way, love it down/over there) :-)
I'll be checking your blog for that "upside down painting"..:-) Good luck with it.
Take care..

L.Holm said...

Hi, I just found your blog from Mariano's. What beautiful landscapes, and amazing caricatures. I particularly love the light in late winter melt. Awesome work! best regards, Liz

Frank A. said...

L.Holm, Liz,thank you very much for your comments and compliments. I am glad that you found my blog. This gave me a chance to view your work. Amazing portaits !

My prayers go out for you and your Mom, Liz.

Do take care..