Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Lake's Winter Bank 8"x 10" O/P
Freezing rain and a scattering of snow has put a damper on a lot of scene searching this past weekend. Winter temperatures are now slowly rising and the rotting ice is beginning to be seen in the inland lakes.

I think spring is finally in the air.

This small painting has followed in the footsteps of the last two paintings. Their influence can be felt in the lower half of this latest painting.
This area was 'washed' with the darkest value of the rocks and the bank's darkest value. I dragged some of the colour down into the lower level of the panel ( these rubbed edges looked similar to 'drybrush')

After the excess medium in this lay in evaporated, I continued to apply the local colours or their values until I was satisfied with the roughed in stage.
Now it was a question of picking out some of the detail that I wanted to add and to alter some of the values that did not seem right. (or sometimes the lighting is not consistent) Lastly, I checked and cleaned up some of the edges

'til nest..


René PleinAir. said...

"It's raining trees!"

Marvelous, a nice story also.

Til nest < > Tot de volgende keer.

Frank A. said...

WoW ! You do not rest, Rene ! Always good to hear from you. Yes, sometimes trees are all that we have..:-) Thanks !

'till next, stay well..

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Frank.

I always enjoy reading about your working methods. I will have to try out this laying-in technique with my acrylics.

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Keith ! Thanks for commenting. I think that this method should work well with acrylics. Probably, you will have to do the washy layin rather quick. Not used to the quirks of acrylics.. :-) Hope it works for you.
I see that you have strong pieces on your site as usual. Nice.