Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Late Winter Melt 6" x 8" O/P
The scene seemed quit warm to look at but in reality today was below freezing on the thermometer.
My attempt at beginning this painting was similar to the previous painting, "Horse Farm". I chose to apply a really thinned down dark colour to the middle ground, paying attention to the "bigger picture" for comparison of sizes of objects. (comparing one to the other). As before, I used my finger to help direct the loose colour where I wanted it to go. After this, I left the painting for a few minutes while the OMS evaporated, leaving a dull smear of thin paint.
From here it was a simple case of of applying the mother colours to the objects in the scene. Or, as my cohorts would say,"finish putting the puzzle pieces together". Finishing would be adding some highlights and adjusting some values.
Another fun little painting.
'til next..


Carol Horzempa said...

Don't tell me this is a Plein Air painting! If it is you are really brave. I plan to go out tomorrow, it's suppose to warm up to a balmy 41 degrees in soutth- east Wisconsin.

I like how you describe how you do your paintings. It is very helpful since I am a novice at Plein Air. I love your work especially this latest one.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Frank, great stuff as always. The brushwork is really fine.
I like how you talk about blocking these in. I would love to see a picture of that stage one day. I dont know f you bring your camera along when you head out.

Dean H. said...

Love your description of working the paint with your finger in the initial stage. As usual, the brushwork is great!

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Frank.

I like the way you pack so much apparent detail into such a small area, but close-up it becomes almost abstract marks.

That's a quality I've noticed in J.S.Sargent's work.

Frank A. said...

Carol. Thank you for your comments and compliments. They are much appreciated.
I am happy to be able to share with you. Just do not let me lead you astray. :-) Keep painting, your confidence level will increase with each piece. ...Keep up the 'good fight'. And, good luck!

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Frank..Nice to hear from a busy guy ! :-)
Much thanks for the compliments..
I will try to remember to take pics next time out. Usually I have to keep the camera inside my heavy coat and most times I do not remember to take pics until it is to late. You know, 'in the zone' and all that. I like to use this method of blocking in with the 'smaller' pieces.

Stay well..

Frank A. said...

Hi Dean.
Thanks for your compliment and comment. It is always nice to hear those comments from folk whose work one respects.

Take care.

Frank A. said...

HI Keith.. Nice to hear from you again. I get that comment from time to time and it still feels good. :-)
"That's a quality I've noticed in J.S.Sargent's work."

Now that is a comment that I do not hear. Thank you, Keith.

Do take care.

René PleinAir. said...

This ones supper crisp!!

Fresh colors as well, you hardly can feel the snow and cold, it's almost snow celebrating springtime, ...

Frank A. said...

Howdy Rene! ..Nice to see you here. Also nice to see that you are still 'pumping' them out .
Thanks for your comment and for dropping in..

Larry Seiler said...

boy, that's a beaut, Frank!!!! Lovely lovely...

feel the light...the day! Superb...

Frank A. said...

Hi Larry...WoW ! It is great to hear from you. ....thought I had lost you.. :-) Love your latest "stuff". Esp. the water , grasses and reflections piece. Beauty !I hope that everything is going well for you and family.
Thanks for taking the time to comment. As you would say, " Much appreciated"..

Take care..