Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Creek Study 5"x 7" O/P

In this particular piece, because of the small size of the panel, I tried to create the impression of the objects in the scene with basically 'one stroke'. The objects where further enhanced, if I may say so, by trying to establish their local colour as close as I could. My guide for establishing that local colour was the light and shadows in the scene.

The foreground was in cast shadow and sun light. The middle ground (the 'winter creek )was in shadow. The background was almost a repeat of the foreground. The flash of light coming through the bush was what caught my eye and was the impetus for the painting.
The painting has, to my eye, a combined impressionistic and abstract feel to it.

Near the end of the painting session, I added a few recognizable objects to better help the viewer (or me) understand the painting. For example, I added a few branches, sticks and some 'sparkle' spots to the water.

When it was finished, I was rather pleased with the composition of my little half hour study.

Here it is in a frame.

'til next..


Jeremy Elder said...

It's great seeing how much detail can be inferred from so few strokes. Thanks for sharing this.

Frank A. said...

My pleasure, Jeremy, I appreciate your comment. I think that it is a good exercise.
Take care..

Anonymous said...

LOVE this study! congratulations!


Frank A. said...

Jana, Thank you. Glad that you found me... :-)

Loved your blog. THE COLORS, WOW...And appreciated the Gonske piece, one of my favorite artists.

Stay well...