Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, this is what I am doing on the side when not painting. I thought that you might be interested in this. Painting without the 'mess', and in this case, inside !

These pieces were drawn on a "computer tablet with an electronic pen". This particular piece was drawn with the coloured pencil medium. Some areas were then blended with the electronic palette knife. Any medium may be selected.

The learning curve was steep at first but began to level out with more practice. I think much more practice is needed...

This is a caricature of Michael Ignatieff. Not a familiar face to most. He is the leader of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada, which is the official opposition to the ruling Conservative Government. In some circles he is also known as "Iggy".
The medium for this was blended pencil and crayon.

Did I mention that the first caricature was my attempt at Barack Obama ?...Guess not.

'til next..


EH said...

Wow Edward :). Great .. I want a weekly one!

Jeremy Elder said...

Wow, I like what you did with these. These look very traditional, even though you did them digitally. Most digital images look very airbrushed.

René PleinAir. said...

Aaah that's Barack did thought it was someone important, hehehe

Never knew this side of you Frank but it's interesting indeed, does make me think of the son of Larry.

redchair said...

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Frank A. said...

Martin.. Thanks for your enthusiasm.I hope that I catch it . :-)

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Jeremy, first,let me congratulate you and your wife on the expectancy of your first child. An exciting time for both of you.
Thank you for our comments on my caricatures. I have not mastered the airbrush.
I am glad that you mentioned the difference.

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Hi Rene. Thanks for your comments.
I mention this "other side of me in by Bio". I have not done a lot of this in the last eight years. To busy painting, I guess. ..:-)

Do take care..