Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horse Farm 8" x 10" O/P

Well, back to a winter painting, although the snow is slowly beginning to disappear. It seems that this has been one loooonngg winter.
This painting began with a very loose smear of dark colour, a combination of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna. I roughed in the barn shapes and the middle ground trees on the right side of the painting. I then loosely covered the foreground with a lighter wash of the same colour combination. From here, I used my finger to smooth out the the darker and lighter values to get as close as I could to the scene. (considering the light) This method, I feel, also helps to give some nice 'lost and found' edges.
I used a piece of cloth, wrapped around the end of a brush handle to take the bits of colour out where I wanted lighter values to show, even down to the colour of the board for the l lightest. From here it seemed easier to begin applying the lighter colours and values over the darker smeared background, and continuing working to the end of the painting.
From this point, it was a matter of cleaning up the drawing (plus 'add' a few details) and rechecking the values.

It was a fun little painting to do.
'til next..


rob ijbema said...

oh wow frank,you are going strong!!
don't know where to look,
the horse scen feels so real so earthy despite your expression
the creel and homestead are fantstic paintings too...and that those caricatures they are something else,brovo frank!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob ! I appreciate you taking the time to "check'em out" and comment. I am tryig to decide if I should start another blog just for the caricatures or not. Seems strange having them together. Thoughts ? (Maybe just give them up, period.) : )
Take care..

Carol Horzempa said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy your plein air paintings and also caricatures. I think it is interesting and refreshing to see both of the directions you work in. I tried plein air painting this winter but I didn't last long. I will try again when the weather warms up.

Frank A. said...

Carol (If I may ?) Happy that you found me. Thank you for your comments. You have answered a question that I have been asking pertaining to the caricatures and paintings. (It was in my reply to rob ijbema) I appreciate your thoughts on that.
Nice to hear that you will continue to explore plein air painting come the nicer weather. All the best of luck with that. You will enjoy it !

Take care.

René PleinAir. said...

Aaah that poor horse, good thing you covered it, you can see it freezes.

Good to see you outside though, although I don't mean that I wish you freezing, .... hehehe

Keep warm Frank!

Frank A. said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks, Rene..