Friday, February 13, 2009

Back again with another computer generated caricature. This particular piece was done with the pencil tool and cross hatched in a traditional method. Colour over colour was applied until the desired colours and values were obtained.
I hope that you guessed.. Putin..(?)
This one is for Martin, in case I do not get one for next week. :-)

'til next..


Candy Barr said...

He looks too innocent in this one! ha Nicely done

EH said...

Hi Frank ,
thanks for that one, our beloved neighbour with the gas pipelines ! :)

Frank A. said...

Martin, my pleasure..You are welcome.
Happy that you guessed him !Ha Ha..

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Thank you for dropping in. Candy. ..Appreciate your comment. Enjoyed your blog..

Take care.

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Frank. I thought I'd stumbled on a who's who of leading politicians for a minute! The caricatures are great and I wouldn't have known they were done on a computer.

The paintings on masonite look good as well.

Bill Sharp said...

Very Cool, Frank. I recognized Vladimir right away.

Can you share more about your tools?

I like that waterfall too.



Frank A. said...

Hi Keith ! Hope things are going well. If I had this system before I retired, I may still may be doing these things. Quiting before it came along was good timing for me, eh ? It was time to pant!
Thanks for your comments on them and the painting

Take care

Frank A. said...

Hi Bill..Nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments.
I do not know how much you know of this stuff, Bill, so I hope that I do not bore you.
I am using a "Wacom" tablet (intuos 6"x8" drawing surface)A visual can be seen on the "Wacom" web site.
It has a wire that plugs into a usb port on the computer. The programs used to produce the work comes with the tablet. With the tablet and programs there is also a "pen" (wireless, and looks like a ball point pen)
When drawing on the tablet, the image is seen on the monitor. With my software, the different palettes,mediams,etc are visible on the perif. of the monitor.
From the internet I searched for other software.I found software from New Zealand that I purchased. They have a freeby that you can download and experiment with using the mouse. Worth looking at. I can switch between that program ( ArtRage, the learning curve is not that steep. :-)) and others that I have, namely Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop. If you are interested, Bill, this 'freeby' may be a fun way to start.
Think about this- A tablet and a laptop, and you sitting in the woods, Painting ! No mess..and the same methods as using 'real' materials still apply. Wild ! Watercolour, Oils, pencils, ink, it dose not matter. You can even switch mediums on the go. I hope that I have not totally confused you with my enthusiasm. Glad to share. One prob, "Where is the original.. haha".
A thought for the minute.

Take care, Bill.

Bill Sharp said...

Thanks for the info, Frank. I found a Wacom Bamboo at work that wasn't being used and brought it home to play with. It takes a little getting used to though, doesn't it.

Frank A. said...

Your are right, Bill ...but with practice the learning curve levels out a bit. Hard not to have fun with it though. :-)