Monday, January 26, 2009

Northern Spruce In Autumn 24" x 30" o/c
Does this one look familiar ? It is not exactly a winter painting, is it ? In retrospect, perhaps I should have made a few prints of this painting. I have been busy since my last post painting commissions and other studio work. This particular piece is a studio painting from a plein air reference that was painted during the last autumn. I think that this is the third painting of the same scene. Still trying to get it right, I guess.
This piece was painted with my limited palette on a gessoed canvas. That limited palette consists of, Cadmium Yellow Med., Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin and Titanium White. The initial layout or drawing was executed with Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna with lots of medium (odourless solvent) This was my medium of choice for the rest of the painting as well.
'til next.


Dean H. said...

Beautiful work, Frank! The colors and texture sing! The familiarity with the scene is evident!

Jeremy Elder said...

Very beautiful, I love your brushwork. I also appreciate the variety of color you achieved through your limited palate.

Keith Tilley said...

The colours are wonderful Frank. The composition works well too. The red really shines against the green.

TJ said...

Hi, Frank, thought I would check your blog and see what you were up to! This is lovely - don't care which time you paint it - I love the contrast of the red and particularly like the sky in this one.

To a short winter - - -!

Frank A. said...

Hi Dean..
I appreciate your comments, thanks....checked your blog. I loved "The Gaggle". A nice job of impressionism...IMHO..

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for your comments and compliments. Much appreciated.There are times when I will add a favorite color for effect. :-)

Stay well.

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Keith.

...Thanks ! I enjoyed doing this piece ..AGAIN. :-)
Hey, nice job on the "Wind And Snow" painting. Great feeling.

Take care..

TSL said...


Frank A. said...

Tina..Thanks for dropping in and for your comment. Both are appreciated.
I enjoyed your blog. Loved the variety.

Frank A. said...

T J..I was checking the responses for this entry and I cannot believe that I had not answered your kind response.
My sincerest apologizes to you.
I am happy that you check the blog and comment.

And 'Yes' to a short winter.