Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Woodland Pond" 11" x 14" O/P
Autumn is still officially here, but signs of what is to come are seen in the early light snow falls in some areas.
In this particular piece, I have exaggerated the colours (or as I like to think, a 'caricature' of the objects natural colour) I feel that by doing this, the scene is more alive, especially at this bland time of year. Normally ,the scenes appear rather dull to me, at least until the last signs of late fall are covered.

My palette still remains the same as in the previous paintings. No other colours have been added. In some areas, I 'scratched' leaving impressions of grass or sticks.

Maybe, this will be my Christmas card.
'til next


gmComicz said...

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Premio Dardos Award by
gmComicz at An Artistic View. at
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rob ijbema said...

autumn colours and snow painted by frank,
can't ask for more,brilliant!

Chef Edwards said...

It would make a wonderfull card, We cant wait.

Frank A. said...

Hi Rob..Thanks for stopping by and commenting.We are starting to get the white stuff that stays on the ground. So, things are beginning to 'stiffen' up :- ) It is hard to find a warm spot to paint or get out of the wind. Oh, the trials of a outdoors painter.. Yuck, yuck !

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Chef Edwards..Thanks. I have changed my mind about that card. I think that I will use the painting of the stone farm that is on the back of my book. It is a little more nastolgic and better suited for a Christmas card.

Take care.

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Frank. It's the colours that I like so much about your paintings, and yes it does make them more alive.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Keith ..Really enjoyed your blog. Looking great !

Merry Christmas to you and yours. All the best of painting in the new year..

Take care..