Monday, December 29, 2008

Collins' Creek 16" x 20" O/C

..Or perhaps a better title would be, "The Snow Returns", or The Rains Arrive, Again, or...I guess that you get the idea. The weather has been terrible across the country, or should I say, "Continent" ? As you may have guessed, it is hard to get out and paint with any regularity considering the inconsistent weather. This painting is a 'retry'..

I may have to live with this one for a time. I am not sure if it is a "keeper' or not at this time. Perhaps some studio work would help.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a 'Very Happy New Year and all the best of painting throughout it.'

'til next


EH said...

Hi Frank,
I find the spots of sunlight in the background great. It is amazing how you manage to keep the discipline under adverse conditions !

Happy new year to you and your family and a great painting year 2009

all the best

rob ijbema said...

i agree frank
it is not a keeper...
its a sender
you should send it to me!
are you kidding!?
this is great
love the bright light
and shorthand
all the best for 09 frank!

Frank A. said...

Martin, great to hear from you..Thank you for your comments.( They usually mean,"take another look at the painting") :-) I see that I will have to order your "Drawing The Urban Landscape". Beautiful! my kind of 'sketching'..
All the best in 'o9 to you and your family as well.

Take care...

Frank A. said...

Ha Ha Ha...Thanks Rob. My issue with this painting seems to be with the left foreground trees. For the sake of colour,and 'punch', I wish that I had used a purple-ish colour instead of the repeat of 'orange' in painting their tops...Perhaps.!?

Same to you and yours in '09

Take care..

Phyllis said...

Do not send it to Rob!!! I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it as much as I would! Hi guys--Happy New Year.

EH said...

thanks for your interest in the sketches. I got a trial copy here. just mail your adress and it will come for free to you !

Anonymous said...

Gidday Mate!
"Retry"...or not ...definiyely a "keeper"...a "gem" in my humble opinion.
Thanks for the "annual"...nice to add to my memory collection.
Happy New Year to you,Marg...the lads and the Grand Kids! Happy Trails ...'n Good painting in "09.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bruce.. Will get back to you by e-mail.
Good painting to you as well. ...Hey, Great Christmas card...!

Take care..