Saturday, November 15, 2008

" No Exit" 8" x 10" O/P

This piece is the result of painting from photo reference and a few black and white sketches.

What drew me to this scene at the time was the sign that seemed to compete with the colourful fall foliage, begging for the viewers attention. The autumn colours were like a visual siren tempting the viewer to meander further down the lane. The sign, forewarning that there was no exit, should the viewer venture further.

The colours used in this painting were from my 'limited palette' and what I refer to as my 'autumn palette'. (previous posts) Each is made up of the three primaries. And of course, the dependable titanium white.

A small painting executed inside, on a rainy day !

'til next


Dean H. said...

Love the bold color/brushwork. A lot for the eye to linger upon and savor. Working from photo refs is a plus when linked with experience.


Frank A. said...

Dean, thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

"Working from photo refs is a plus when linked with experience."

A lot to be said for your quote. :-)

Take care..