Monday, November 17, 2008

" The Hay Baler" 20" x 24" o/c
This is a painting that I just finished. This piece was painted using photo reference and sketches.
I think if the tractor was a car, it would not be allowed on the road. It was literally falling apart.
After viewing the results of it's day, I would say it had done an admirable job.

This painting was executed using my 'fall palette' and my usual 'limited palette'.

Of note, was the beginning of the painting which was planned a little different than my smaller panels. The background darkest colours were first 'washed' onto the prestained canvas. The subjects lighter areas and hi-lites were taken out with a clean cloth. After this stage, I proceeded to replace the rubbed out areas with the lighter local colours of the objects, then continuing to their lighter areas and finally to the hi-lites or details. I continued in this fashion until the painting was completed. In many instances, I painted over the initial 'dark wash'.

The last photo of an enlarged portion of the painting shows the looser brush work and texture.

'til next..

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