Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Forecast, Rainy Weather" , 8" x 10" O/P
As the title of the painting suggests, this is a rainy autumn day piece.

Aside from the weather, I have always a
dmired this story and a half farmhouse. The over all proportions, along with the two windows and central front door, echo early rural Ontario to me. ...Roots !
This piece was painted on a previously primed gesso panel (three coats gesso) that was lightly coated with an oil wash of thinned Alizarin and Cadmium Yellow Medium.
It has been awhile since I have painted on a panel that was this small.
My palette for this painting was Burnt Sienna (my red) Ultramarine Blue and Yellow Ochre .( my Yellow) The composition was drawn with a small brush using Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue and of course, Titanium White. As the drawing (composition) was worked on, I also planned / plotted the dark areas. As there was no light (sun) source , I did not have to overly concern myself with the cast shadows.
The painting proceeded with only the addition of Alizarin. (for the 'nice' mauve)
This painting, though small, was a comforting piece to do.
'til next..


rob ijbema said...

this painting has as much character as a van gogh,frank
you probably don't like the honour but this looks so real...i can feel it

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob ! Are you kidding? It was between Van Gogh and the Group Of Seven that I first cut my teeth on painting. I could not in many ways be more honoured. Thanks again.. :-)

take care..