Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Walk Of Life, City Park 11" x 14" oil on panel
Two Beautiful painting days in a row. Great !

Today I went to a park that is situated in the centre of the city. In one corner of the park is a beautiful area with three fountains and a paved seating area. Some of the stepping stones have names of former citizens of the city inscribed in them as a remembrance. Many flowers and mature trees also adorn the area.
This painting was painted on a Masonite panel that was prepared with my usual three coats of gesso and customary "orange -red" oil wash.
I used a 'split palette' for this painting. (A warm and cool of each primary) plus a Purple and Raw Sienna . Very little medium was used during the initial painting session. Some medium (oms) was used during the final stages of laying thicker paint.
At this stage of the final painting, I feel that the top left may need some value adjustments and more definition. We shall see.
This photograph shows the scene as it was painted. The fountain may be seen in front of the central tree. This photo was taken just before finishing the painting and the lighting (shadows) is different than in my interpretation.

Thanks for hanging in there with me..

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René PleinAir. said...

Love it, ... I only can say one thing about it.

When you can exaggerate DO it and that not only for the colors also the composition could be a little more exaggerated

Anonymous said...

Rene.. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. I appreciate both of them. I will take your suggestion under consideration for future paintings. Thanks again.
Hope everything is well with you and yours. Have been enjoying your work. Keep it up !

Take care..

frank a. said...

Sorry, Rene...looks like "anonymous" pushed the wrong button again :-)