Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A Soggy Autumn Day" 10" x 12" oil/panel

A sure sign of autumn , the leaves are beginning to show their colours and there is a soft drizzle of rain falling.
This painting was executed with a limited palette. I tried to imagine a palette that I thought would mix softer fall colours and at the same time, wetter looking fall colours, for this particular painting.
I settled on English Red, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White.
The whole piece was painted from start to finish with this palette.
I really like this palette and it seems to meet all the requirements of an autumn painting under the circumstances it was to be painted.
No surprise colours this time.
'til next


Phyllis said...

Beautiful, Frank! The fall colors are so colorful that it's easy to loose control of a plein air--this limited palette seems to work well for you.

Frank A. said...

Hi Phyllis..great to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment.
"The fall colors are so colorful that it's easy to loose control of a plein air-"
You are absolutely right!

This limited palette does not appear as "raw" as my usual limited palette, and I like it for that reason. It's as though it is already greyed down a value or so.
You should give it a try !

Hope all is well !

Bill Sharp said...

Beautiful, Frank. We don't get the kind of fall color here that you get. That's another rationalization to stay in and paint near the teapot and fire in the winter.

I've really been enjoying your book, btw.

Barbara Pask said...

Very nice, I love the colors and composition. I also like how I see your toned canvas showing through.

Frank A. said...

Hi Bill..Thanks for checking in and for your comment! All the trees are ablaze here.Just too much color.
I have left comments on your blog, but, they do not seem to appear. (?)Sorry..(Seems to happen on F. Gardner's Blog as well)
It is reassuring to me that you are (still) :- ) enjoying the book. Thanks for that.
Hope all is well..

Frank A. said...

Hi Barbara !
Always nice to see a new face and read new comments. Thanks for the compliment and dropping in.
The colors for this piece are a bit of a departure from the normal palette I usually use.
Loved your blog !

Take care.

Frank Gardner said...

Love this one Frank. The design ( composition) is real strong!
Great color too. Not over done.

Sorry you have trouble leaving comments on my blog.

Let me know if that keeps happening. I dont know what I could do about it...

Frank A. said...

Great to hear from you, Frank. I thought that I had lost you..:- )Thanks for your visit and compliment. Appreciate them.
It has been fun following your "painting adventures" since the beginning of your family holidays.
I will keep trying to comment to your blog. Could be a 'glitch'. Had the same thing happening with Bill Sharp's blog.

Take care..