Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Old Stones" 11" x 14" O/P

Today was the first time that I had visited this little park in my home town. It is a beautiful passive park on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It seems to me that it is visited mostly by the local neighbourhood and their dogs. The old house appears only as a constant reminder of its former self and nothing else.

This is the scene that I painted as seen from the back of the house.
As you can see by the plaque on the right, the old neglected house does have some historical significance. Amazing to me , since the city of Kingston is known as, "the limestone city".

The photo on the left shows my setup and the painting , framed. I will often temporarily frame a piece during the painting stage . It seems to help in the adjusting of values and such.
The support for this painting was a Masonite panel, with two coats of gesso and a orange-red colour wash of oil.
My palette was my usual limited palette with Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna added as I painted. I started the painting with a 'dry brush' drawing technique and continued with this method until the painting was finished. It was a 'fun' exercise and a 'different look' painting.
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Jack Riddle said...

Frank--haven't visited in a while, but appreciate your recent visits to my posts. Very revealing set--your discussing your approaches is very helpful. You consistently create something very painterly of the scenes you choose.

Frank A. said...

Jack.. Thanks for popping in.
Looks like you have a new vivitar. Self portrait I assume ? Nice. Reminds me of your "Pop" piece.I enjoyed that post and painting.
Just realized how close I was to you on my trip to Boston, Kittery (?)etc.this past summer.
Glad that you feel my posts are helpful. Glad to help. :- ) Hope all is well.

Take care..

Jennifer McChristian said...

The colors, brush strokes are dancing with verve and rapture!

frank a. said...

Jennifer, finally ! My sincerest apologizes to you for not getting back sooner.
Thank you for the beautiful compliment. You are a 'word-smith' as well as an artist of inspirational paintings, I see. :-)
Your words are much appreciated.

Take care.

Edition Handdruck said...

Hi Frank,
I like this one ! Bold and vivid and cool color combinations !

Frank A. said...

Martin ..Nice to hear from you. Thanks a lot for your kind comment.
I hope that you had a great summer, print wise and other.

Take care..