Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Lake Ontario" 10"x 12" oil on panel
This painting took place close to home. I have been trying to paint scenes without having to travel the countryside looking for subject matter. Like most folk, ga$$ has become an issue with me as well. I found this scene at the end of my street.
The palette for this painting was my usual limited palette. with the addition of a yellow-green. The support was a Masonite panel coated with gesso and a putty coloured mixture of acrylic paint applied to the surface.
From start to finish, the paint was applied with a brush and no medium.
I think that it will be interesting to poke around looking for subject matter closer to home base.
'til next


Martin said...

Hi Edward,
congratulations to the little book on blurb, great cover image !
I like the warm light in "Lake Ontario".
I have started reading your blog via google reader,which is quite cool. However I noticed that google says to each post "title unknown".
Enjoy your painting walks, there is a world in reach a foot.

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin. Always good to hear from you.
Thank you for your comments on my last post, "Lake Ontario".
Interesting stuff about Google Reader. I am not familiar with it but now that you mention it,I'll check it out. Thanks !
Looking close to home for things to paint will be interesting. As you say, there is a world in each step, I also hope that I find a painting there as well. : )

Stay well. P.S.- Thanks for the Congrats. on the book. Appreciated!

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