Friday, May 02, 2008

" Lone Spruce" 16" x 20" Oil on canvas
This painting is a bit on the ominous side, but I think that helps to contribute to the lonely feeling of the lone spruce, the main subject of the painting. This painting started out as an experiment in that I wanted to leave more of the red background ( the base colour of the canvas) as I layed in my drawing. In other words, I wanted more of the red background in my negative spaces to show in the final painting. I do not feel that this painting succeeded in doing that. I guess that I got carried away with filling everything in. I will be trying again.
The palette for this painting was, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Titanium White. This was my limited palette. As the painting proceeded, I added Cerulean Blue and Sap Green. Again, little medium (odourless solvent) was used.
My support was a 16" x 20" canvas that had been prepared with three coats of gesso and a covering of Cadmium Red Medium (oil) wash and left for a few minutes to evaporate.
Please accept apologizes for not posting in the last week. It seems that life has been getting in the way of painting.
'til next.


Ed Terpening said...

Wonderful painting. I love the feeling of movement, and how you slightly grayed out the foliage under the tree, as it moved away from the pine. It really helps focus the center of interest.

Michael Pieczonka said...

very nice painting Frank. I can definitely see the spots of red underpainting coming through in areas, so it's working for me :D Love the upper half of this painting.. sky, far trees and lake, also top of the spruce tree reads well. I find the bottom of the spruce tree a little hard to read, but maybe it's just me? nice one!

Edition Handdruck said...

Hi Frank, great to see one of your larger pieces again. I suppose it was warm enough for a some extra time on location.
I appreciate the "selection" of subject which honours the beauty of the inconspicous.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Ed. Sorry to be getting back to you at such a late date. I think that I may still have a little way to go in order to resolve this one. Maybe some "value" trouble here.
Appreciate your input.

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Michael..trying to push the envelope a little right now and I think that things may have to be "lived with " for awhile. : )

Nice to see you here.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Martin...Nicely put !

"I appreciate the "selection" of subject which honours the beauty of the inconspicous."

Yes, the warmth will provide extra time at the easel, but the black flies want to challenge it. A stiff breeze is welcome at these times.
I hope that your summer is starting well.

Take care.